Monday, May 21, 2012

Indigo Larvae : Abandoned To Despair [2007]

"Abandoned To Despair" is a curious work and one that I find myself warming to even though I can't quite bring myself to fully recommend it. It lurks in a limbo between the most inhuman, oppressive works in the death industrial roster and something slightly more human; neither one nor the other. Yet there's a lot to like in this clanking, blood-rusted album and it promises more gems from Indigo Larvae. One to watch, certainly; possibly because they may release a shockingly good record in the near future, possibly because they may have a knife.

01. Me Among The Bones (3:41)
02. Still I Breathe (6:20)
03. Just Inside My Mind (6:38)
04. Nothing But My Thoughts (7:42)
05. I Am Nothing (6:43)
06. Into The Black Maw (6:23)
07. White Bodies (6:37)
08. A Story From Hell (7:16)
09. And Death Shall Have No Dominion (8:13)

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