Monday, May 28, 2012

Die Sektor : The Final Electro Solution [2012]

In little over a year since their controversial and boundary
breaking second album, "Applied Structure in a Void", DIE SEKTOR
return with their darkest yet most refined album to date. On
their third full length release they continue to push the limits
of dark electro music: they sound meaner, angrier and altogether
more menacing. The sense of hope found on the previous album
seems to have vanished completely. This time the listener is
taken into an internal world, unstoppable in its folly and
imminent collapse.

In typical DIE SEKTOR fashion "The Final Electro Solution" is
filled with metaphors, double meaning and hidden references
which leave the listener with several ways to interpret each
song. The project describe the album as "an apocalyptic themed
nervous breakdown, to be played in stereo". Expect the signature
complex arrangements, glitches, insane melodies and unique
rhythms DIE SEKTOR are known for. From out of the void comes
"The Final Electro Solution"!

01. The Final Electro Solution 05:30
02. Feeding Famine 06:18
03. Archetype 04:44
04. The Just Will Be Silenced 03:53
05. Conquest and Liberty 04:48
06. F;C-D 05:21
07. Inverted Structure 04:10
08. Luna Frequency 02:50
09. Breaking the Balance 04:16
10. Pale 06:22
11. The Final Electro Delusion 04:20
12. Feeding Famine (FGFC820 Remix) 05:34
13. Archetype (Dawn Of Ashes Vs Falling Skies Remix) 05:11
14. Inverted Structure (Vigilante Remix) 03:22
15. Pale (Chloral One Remix) 04:11

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