Monday, May 28, 2012

Funerary Call : Beckoning At The Black [2004]

"Beckoning At The Black" is six tracks of sheer black orchestral ambience with the requisite crunching drums and whispered / distorted vocals. Add to this the ominous waves of electronics, the odd piano piece, very popular nowadays within this style of music, a little drone-like passage and what sounds like a panpipe in full flow. The music created gives the perfect impression of creeping unease and discomfort and ever impending dread that it‘s ultimately trying to convey. A sort of nightmare music for the nightmare generation.

01 Unto The End We Call 3:36
02 Black Art 3:46
03 Hel's Hymn 4:26
04 Hill Of Skull And Bone 3:40
05 Of Death's Breath 2:59
06 Beckoning At The Black 4:10


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