Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Metaconqueror : Of Steel, Bone, And Fire [2009]

This is the sort of sonic backdrop any syphilitic clergyman would have loved to have used to illustrate his bitter sermons with warning the good, malleable and trusting flock to stay on the straight and narrow. In other words, this is stirringly magnificent stuff, darkly unearthly and hellishly malevolent, chilling the marrow and freezing the spirit with its effective distillation of hopelessness and lightless oblivion into sound. Many dark ambient artists venture into these realms to seek inspiration but very few come back with anything more than bitty abstractions, piecemeal evocations that very rarely do more than provide glimpses and hints. Here, though, Stillings’ Metaconqueror presents us with vast, broad canvases painted with the hues and pigments of a Stygian kingdom, bringing with them the smell of death, decay and brimstone. This is a set of beautifully realised and executed sound-pieces, at once both startling and terrifying.

01 The Great Antagonist
02 A Horizon Of Black Pyres
03 Apophis The Destroyer
04 Beasts Of Oblivion
05 Barrier Of The Gods
06 In The Stone House Unheard
07 The Pauper's Grave
08 Mephisto's Hammer
09 Invaders Of The Watery Abyss
10 The Decimation Sequence

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