Friday, May 11, 2012

Dirty K : Torrent Of Fury [2012]

Dirty K are a thoroughbred Rhythm’n’Noise act based in Leicester (UK) and is one of the latest signing on HANDS. ‘Torrent of Fury’ is surely an eponymous title, because that’s just what this album is: An unsettling intro, followed by 11 tracks of sheer, unadulterated distorted rhythm power. The band want to explicate a personal take on a post-apocalyptic theme based on a vivid dream, incorporating dark and dirty landscapes and buildings. The album is meant to portray a sense of confusion and what it would be like in our to wake up scared and see that is all that is left. Most tracks have a similar structure with an irritating, brooding intro building into rhythmic frenzy in no time. Thankfully, Dirty K never forget to put in the occasional break, short interlude or vocal sample to keep the listener’s attention and give the whole album a very dynamic pace. Of course, lots of DJ food is to be found here, depending on what specific style you’re after: If you want hypnotic midtempo Rhythm’n’Noise, you can’t go wrong with the irresistable dancefloor weapon “Smog Blanket” for example. If you’re after more defined bassdrum sounds in an Industrial Hardcore style, opt for the title track or maybe ‘Frequent Thoughts of Violence’, and if your desire might be pure noise turmoil, a track like ‘Cataclysm’ should make your day. On first listen, ‘Torrent of Fury’ appears as a monolith of fierce sounds and beats, on second listen you find lots of variation and detail. May you enjoy this rich and remarkable debut from the UK – and may God save the Queen from Dirty K’s apocalyptic visions!

01 Alone [1:50]
02 Maschine Music [5:52]
03 Broken Storm [End] [5:39]
04 Cataclysm [5:03]
05 Disturbing Thoughts [4:55]
06 Nightmares Of A Tormented Mind [5:39]
07 Something Dark [7:42]
08 Smog Blanket (Torrent Version) [6:29]
09 Scattered Elements [6:20]
10 Torrent Of Fury [7:07]
11 Frequent Thoughts Of Violence [6:37]
12 Gutterpump [5:59]


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