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Gustaf Hildebrand : Heliopause [2012]

Finally we are graced with brand new material from Sweden's Gustaf Hildebrand, a few years after the epic Primordial Resonance album and his joint project with Amanda Votta, Lacus Somniorum. The Heliopause, the point outside our solar system where the solar wind ceases to be, transitioning into what is known as the Interstellar Medium and where our sun becomes just another pinprick of light amongst a billion others. If you were to find yourself stranded in such a place with nothing but a radio receiver, Gustaf Hildebrand imagines that this is what you would hear, low rumbling soundscapes interspersed with bursts of static, com-chatter and signal interceptions from a distant world. Vestiges of humanity bubble up from the ether, speaking encoded messages in the form of numerical combinations and long-forgotten cyphers, their true meanings lost or hidden away inside the memory banks of decommissioned satellites. This new chapter in Hildebrand's discography reaffirm's his position as a true visionary and unique craftsman of exploratory sonorities.

Edition of 800 copies in 6-panel digipack.

01 Cataclysmic Variable [6:26]
02 Array [5:05]
03 Nomadic Singularity [6:05]
04 Heterodyne [5:41]
05 Manifold [5:07]
06 Decaying Orbit [5:40]
07 Nucleus [5:43]
08 Accretion [6:17]
09 Vacuum Geometry [6:05]


Sistrenatus : Division One [2007]

This is a quite interesting release from Canadian project Sistrenatus. British Cold Spring Records is known and respected for their orientation in wide spectres of genres, from Martial music across orchestral ambience and industrial to harsh expressions of noise/power electronics. Normally these various styles are not combined, though this is exactly what Sistrenatus does on this, their debut-album "Division one". And they succeed in doing so! The overall expression is a mixture of harsh industrial and orchestral black ambience. Drones of noisy electronics permeates the works, sometimes subtly, other times with overwhelming power developing the work into harsh noise.

Starting out with the sound of church bell, the opening two tracks set the pace and the atmospheres of the album with the blend of concrete sounds, industrial noises and subtle spoken voices. Chapter "III" represents the first assault of extreme aggression as hordes of crushing electronics wash over the innocent listener meanwhile evil voices of pure wrath strengthens the feeling of discomfort. An excellent mixture of power electronics and death industrial on this one! As chapter "IV" takes over slow and heavy martial rhythms occur assisted by screeching noises and ancient horns giving the atmospheres of Middle Age. "IV" represents the calm before the next storm, which comes as chapter "V" penetrates with deep rumbling buzz-drones. Throughout "Division one", Sistrenatus nicely changes between expressive aggression and settling ancient atmospheres. Towards the end of the album (chapter VIII + XI) the gates of hellish noise open completely resulting in an anything but friendly farewell to the listener from Sistrenatus. Certainly a promising debut from this powerful Canadian project.

01. I [2:23]
02. II [4:00]
03. III [2:53]
04. IV [3:39]
05. V [5:48]
06. VI [4:58]
07. VII [3:28]
08. VIII [4:10]
09. IX [5:31]


Atomine Elektrine : Space Is An Illusion (Live In Vilnius) [2011]

1. Deep Sky Twilight [12:51]
2. Energy Net 3 [8:03]
3. The Deep Invisble [16:23]
4. Geiger [8:24]

A live recording of the Atomine Elektrine performance at The Machine Started To Flow Into A Vein (Vol. 2), Propaganda Club / Vilnius / Lithuania on the 19th of November 2011 in remembrance of the band Coil.


Saturday, April 28, 2012


Markus Pesonen : Mielisairaalaan Hakivat - Ällöttävä Sika Perkele [2005]

Pesonen is a dark ambient/noise project by Markus Pesonen (Karjalan Sissit, The Black, Eternal Darkness) with a sound much harsher than in his other projects and song themes centered around alcoholism and mental health problems.

01 Eskilstunan Juopot Esittää [3:51]
02 ...And Then There Was A Riot Going On! [3:10]
03 Mielisairaalaan Hakivat - Ällöttävä Sika Perkele [3:22]
04 Pilleriä Ja Hoitoa [3:00]
05 Mattopiiskaa Huoranpennuille [3:22]
06 My Fucking Prostitute Wife Came Home With A Disease [2:41]
07 Raivokohtaus / Nervsammanbrott [2:38]
08 Bastards [3:00]
09 Avohoidossa [2:30]
10 Going Down With Vodka (Bonus Track) [3:10]

Limited to 500 copies in digipack. First 100 copies come with the bonus track Going Down With Vodka.

Recorded during Pesonen's nervous breakdown
Mixed during Pesonen's hospitalhours
Mastered during Pesonen's heavy medication


Triangular Ascension : Nibirusalem [2010]

Early release by Venezuela's acclaimed dark ambient musician.

01. Nibirusalem [26:46]


Archon Satani : Memento Mori [1993]

01. Insane With Fear [4:28]
02. Ritual Murder [6:10]
03. Hymn Of Despair [3:54]
04. Pater Miles [7:00]
05. Lost Souls Of Eden [9:47]
06. Sik 02.sic 02 [4:33]

Performer – Mikael Stavöstrand, Thomas Pettersson
Recorded By – Archon Satani
Recorded By [Credited To] – M. Stavöstrand, T. Pettersson

Recorded live 25.05.91. Remastered in Studio One at Ahab.
Comes with 4-page booklet.
Originally released on cassette (Sound Source, 1991)


Friday, April 27, 2012

Exsanguinate : The Black Acts [2002]

Exsanguinate drains blood from the body of the ferocious Power Electronics entity Control, the concrete rumble dynamics of the latter, stretched, kneaded and destroyed by the harsh, cruel constructs of the former, both projects helmed by Thomas Garrison. Which means, where Control utilized a straightforward, blatantly single-minded brutality, Exsanguinate exhibit a musculature and flexibility amidst the volatile, desecrated sonic landscape. It seems as though Garrison is seeking an alternative form of aural abrasion.

A calm hum opens "Punishment For All Crimes," soon to be devoured by gurgling, grinding noises, and an array of piercing tones bent on abrasively singing one's eardrums. This is a hard-edged ambience, ragged, the shifting layers of grind and pierce dragging the listener down via a vicious, vice-grip undertow, completely encompassing one in the embrace of oppression. It strikes with an abrupt harshness reminiscent of Stratvm Terror, circa Pain Implantations. Death lurches in the shadows of "The Final Hour," accompanied by screech and rumble dynamics that lead the listener into an abattoir long abandoned by God or any other paragons of hope. The death sonically displayed here is one basked in cruelty, strapped to a slab, forced to submit to the onslaught of noise circling and spitting fire, and insidiously violated by the dead, anxious eyes of the vultures that hover in the corner, awaiting a death that will be drawn out by the reams of scintillating, caustic sounds. "Skeffington's Gyves" brings the tones down to a factory sludge hum, trudging through the mausoleum, spirits in disarray, the murmur of unease amplified for maximum effect. Garrison shows he has grasp of a variety of brutally abusive sounds, his blueprint for execution an appealing cross between BDN's earliest nightmares (sparse, caked with graveyard dirt), the convoluted agony expelled with every breath of label-mate Gruntsplatter's heinous revelry, and his own aurally psychotic, INTENSE noise obsessions. The Black Acts is a brilliant example of ambient/noise done right!

01. Punishment For All Crimes (5:21)
02. Two Thousand Volts (6:57)
03. A Torturous End (5:20)
04. The Mazzatello (4:43)
05. The Final Hour (4:58)
06. Punishing The Dead (5:12)
07. Science Of Hanging (4:59)
08. Dissident Asylum (5:03)
09. Peine Forte Et Dure (4:42)
10. Skeffingtons Gyves (5:12)
11. Beneath The Gallows (4:58)
12. The Black Acts (5:05)
13. Silence And Separation (5:09)


Control : The Resistance [2012]

Control is Thomas Garrison from Santa Cruz who works as a
branding/body modification artist and as a mastering engineer
at his own misanthrope studio and has also initiated the
industrial/ambient project Exsanguinate. He made a name as one
of the finest American power electronics acts since the end of
the nineties with a multitude of releases and highly regarded
live performances in Europe and the U.S.. what emerges Control
in the power noise category is his obviously strong ability to
construct tracks that are extremely aggressive, but with shifts
that create contrast and texture rather than just constant
attack: the produced tracks are memorable and deeply loaded. He
transcends the pure rage associated with power electronics and
reveals the darker, more infectious and sinister emotions that
build that fury. Control's work is so conscious of creating mood
and atmosphere that it almost defies the genre that it caters

'The Resistance' offers a good balance of densely layered
forceful electronics with dark ambient undercurrents,
occasionally rhythmic pulses and offensive vocals filtered
through diverging effects. The voice is never used as an
overbearance or focal point, but as one of the many aural
textures. Control never sacrifices the music or the emotional
weight on the altar of rhetoric - it is his intention to arouse
the listener with almost cinematic moods, creating a sonic
environment where nothing good seems possible for people who
might inhabit it. Control has moved to the top of the power
electronics pantheon for good reason. He is talented enough to
accumulate power noise with death/ambient industrial and to
create fascinating arcs of suspense, making you pay attention
until the last second. His passion for detail means full focus
is required - a must for maximum appreciation.

01. Victory Equals Violence [6:42]
02. The Resistance [6:42]
03. First Drop Of Blood [4:52]
04. Disgraced By This Race [6:31]
05. Fuel The Fire [6:17]
06. Before The Fray [6:56]
07. Total War [6:40]
08. The Solution [6:40]


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

SaturmZilde : BeVor [2012]

"BeVor" is German for 'before' - but just what does that mean in
respect to this album? In some ways, this CD is rather an
'after' - Hamburg's Alexander Marco finally releases a full-
length SATURMZLIDE album, after nearly two decades of musical
activities in various bands, genres and styles, and after a
well-received CD-R on Fich-Art in 2009. Anyway, Alex is an
atypical musician, following a late vocation to the call of
industrial and rhythm'n'noise, who brings along the experience
of his past musical endeavours - and lets them shine through in
his compositions.

"Bevor" is a somewhat enigmatic crossbreed of musical currents
that make for a strong blend. The overall essence is the rhythm,
no doubt about that, punchy and groove-infected, making this
album a tight-knit unit despite the many different ideas which
have been put into practice. "Rainlands" is a moody intro with
tribal downbeats and a steady build-up, followed by the rhythm
noise section of the album with the club recommendation "El Door
Rado Rmx" - a relentless noise groove and a commanding vocal
sample do the job proper! "Power Plant" and "Interceptor"
combine distorted rhythms with strong atmospheric breaks, while
inbetween the two tracks, "Bionic Ocean I" surprises with its
beatless, experimental atmosphere.

The album closes with a magnum opus, a nearly twenty-five minute
suite in seven movements entitled "The Sky" that revisits all
the styles and elements from the album and melts them with new
ideas even more out-of-bounds, with a psychedelic atmosphere
being the foundation stone upon which this monumental
composition is erected. It starts with a straight rhythm track,
plunges into atmospheric sounds; and then come in some guests:
the third part ("Drifting") features the guitar by a certain
Andreas Hellriegel, giving it a prog rock flavour, while the
fourth part ("Timerider") is a bouncing rhythm track, featuring
industrial veteran Philipp Münch. The following parts slow down
considerably, preparing the listener to bid farewell to this
musical trip.

So, "BeVor", before what? You get the strong impression, and you
may well hope, this 'before' is the first step before a lot more
to come - quality always comes out on top, and this debut (if
you may call it that) is surely a top pick!

01. Rainlands [6:33]
02. El Door Rado Rmx [5:21]
03. Powerplant [3:52]
04. Bionic Ocean I [Blue Engines] [5:48]
05. Interceptor [4:53]
06. Girl Under Glas [4:48]
07. World Time Crash [4:19]
08. Half Of The Planet [Spiritual Mix] [4:09]
09. The Sky [24:48]


In Slaughter Natives : Insanity & Treatment (3 X CD) [2011]

Insanity & Treatment, is a collection of group’s live performances in a luxurious packaging, the best of them have been carefully selected and remastered personally by the author. You'll find the legendary radio recording of Mort Aux Vaches, Concerts in Madrid, France, Prague and in Moscow. The record is featured by Tomas Pettersson, Kathleen Binder and Peter Andersson!

The famous musician and one of the best designers of the modern Industrial scene - Jerome Nougaillon (Propergol, Cosmos Entropy, Old Iron Fence, Sea-Green Series, Vargtimmen, Wrong Number) engaged in artistic design, his work makes an already unique publication, a true piece of art!

CD 1
01. Truth Awakening Awakening 8:10
02. Clean Cathedral 8:11
03. Purgate My Stain Pure 6:0
04. Sacred Worms 5:34
05. To Mega Therion 4:26
06. Death, Just Only Death 5:35
07. Skin Sore Eyes 5:29
08. Burn My Rest 7:43

CD 2
09. Intro/Truth Awakening 7:42
10. You Are The Dead 5:39
11. Still Tearing My Life Away 5:29
12. As My Shield 5:57
13. Ashes Of Angels 4:38
14. Blood Testural 6:19
15. Purgate My Stain 5:23
16. Sacred Worms 5:35
17. Clean Cathedral 6:33

CD 3
18. Intro/Clean Cathedral 6:57
19. Still Just Only Death 5:16
20. Tearing My Life Away 4:45
21. 5th Skin 4:32
22. As My Shield 5:28
23. Never Closed My Eyes 4:5
24. Never Closed My Eyes (2) 5:40
25. Purgate My Stain 5:24
26. Blood Testural 6:9
27. Consume My Burning Hollow 4:57
28. Cut Me Here 4:2
29. Ashes Of Angels 4:59
30. Skin Sore Eyes 5:53
31. Sacred Worms 5:52


>> DOWNLOAD 1 + 2


Vortex : Rockdrill [2011]

According to the linear note of this album, rockdrill is the history of the sculpture made by Sir Jacob Epstein and depicted in the pictures in the curated booklet. So this is, in fact, a work about the (con)struction and (de)struction of a work. The history of the rockdrill is a strange one: a sculpture destroyed by the war, reconstructed and, casted again, partially destroyed by the author unsatisfied by the result.

"Rockdrill I" opens this release with a drone that develops in an almost industrial beat, "Canto Spoleto" relies on spoken word part that try to evoke a nostalgic novel of past times. "Spiral" is an oppressive drone coloured by atmospheric samples. "Fatalism" use a classical guitar line to brighten the musical journey. "Iron Cage" juxtapose an almost religious chorus above a martial beat. "Persistance" and "Asylum" are ambient tracks constructed above samples that are almost an introduction to the final part of this album. "Construction" marks the part of the reconstruction with metal resonances and and a soundtrack-type texture. "The Fall" is an atmospheric track relying on a ritualistic beat while "Rockdrill II" is a solar tune based on a clear drone. "Epilogue: Canto Zero" begins with an high frequency noise above a sad line of guitar and ends with metallic resonance above a martial beat.

This release has the unusual quality to be able to tell a story, so it's one of the best releases of the year. Truly recommended.

01. Rockdrill I [4:41]
02. Canto Spoleto [5:14]
03. Spiral [4:42]
04. Fatalism [4:29]
05. Iron Cage [3:20]
06. Persistence [3:46]
07. Asylum [3:59]
08. Construction [3:59]
09. The Fall [5:18]
10. Rockdrill II [7:40]
11. Epilogue: Canto Zero [6:46]


Monday, April 23, 2012

Somatic Responses : Viral Hybrid (EP) [2012]

1. Shitty Hybrid (04:01)
2. K-141 Kursk (04:55)
3. Insects (05:20)
4. Shitty Hybrid (The Relic Remix) (06:08)


Atrium Carceri : Reliquiae [2012]

01. Floating Above The City (02:27)
02. Unveiled (03:43)
03. Approaching The Coven (04:01)
04. Knowledge Of The Few (05:20)
05. Acolyte (03:41)
06. Injection (04:37)
07. Third From The Centre (02:48)
08. Portal Key (01:58)
09. Manufactured Minds (04:22)
10. Her Blessing (04:57)
11. Rusty Red Memory (03:26)
12. The Long Walk (04:13)
13. Through The Tunnels (03:42)
14. A Factory Of Souls (02:32)
15. Recovering Fragments (03:40)
16. Synchronization (03:17)
17. Disassembling The Creator (03:23)
18. Truth Revealed (03:33)
19. Godess (03:54)


Le Revers Sanglant : Un Combat Perdu d’Avance [2011]

The winter 2004 marked the birth of the Le Revers
Sanglant project. Created by Syphilis, the initial
goal of the project, was to create a minimalist
audio concept with cold and martial atmospheres.
In the Winter of 2008 the arrival of the first
demo was realized with the aid of the Bessures
Cerebrale Art label. This was a strictly limited
release (100 tapes in special packaging). During
the Fall of 2010 the music and concept had begun
to take on a more agressive sound this time. Some
declamations are added to the new recordings. The
realization of this new focus is attributed to:
'Un Combat Perdu d'Avance' 'Un Combat Perdu
d'Avance' was realized in order to represent
feelings of uprising and melancholy. We can feel
confrontational in existence, which is precisely
this in advanced lost fight. Taking the subject of
war as backdrop, we can find an ubiquitous death
for those young soldiers. Fate wins. Taken into
battle, whatever happens, they won't have to miss
courage to face up their destiny. Recorded with
despairing energy and limited means, this album
serves to translate the echo of those young souls
in respite.

01. Un Combat [4:22]
02. Jeunes Combattants [4:30]
03. Alcool [4:52]
04. Ciel D'Orage [4:23]
05. [...] [4:01]
06. Coeurs Serrés [3:48]
07. Mort De Chagrin [3:57]
08. Retour De Guerre [4:17]
09. Perdu D'Avance [3:37]


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Machtkrieg : Bunkertanz (EP) [2012]

01. Bunkertanz [4:19]
02. Hunt Down The Nazis [4:49]
03. Stahlkrieg [3:37]
04. Das Ist Meine [5:04]
05. Bunkertanz [Mekanysis Rmx] [3:24]


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Auswalht : Paroxysm [2012]

After their debut album "History Of Suffering" released by the Chinese label "Collapse Of Utopia" here comes the second album by this French band.
This time Auswalht has produced a really great dose of military and marching music.
Maybe worth to say that Auswalht music is composed by the same person behind Liyr : Sven Mann.

01. Necropolis
02. Mors sororis
03. The last conflict
04. Lake of blood
05. Hyperborean
06. Apotheose
07. La fureur et le bruit
08. Paroxysm
09. Pantheon
10. Army tenebrae


Friday, April 20, 2012

Kristoffer Nyströms Orkester : brakeHEAD [2006]

Kristoffer Nyströms Orkester (KNO) is a collaborative project between Peter Nyström (Megaptera/Negru Voda) and Kristoffer Oustad (V:28). A true sonic beat down, done in full Scandinavian style, with a battery of iron fisted rhythms hammering down in a thunderous downpour, and the caustic reverberations of the analog doom machine grinding and screeching in a symphony of clangorous and distressed beauty. This is an album that is as majestic as it is bleak, capturing the essence of old school Swedish industrial, but forging a new path towards a dark future.

‘brakeHEAD’ has redefined and rewritten the masculine muscle Industrial music handbook. Their jet stream leaving everyone else trailing far behind in their wake. The four tracks, 38 minutes, of colossal sounds were skilfully crafted from analogue synths, drum machine, processed guitar and additional effects and samples. The basic tools may be the same as everyone else’s but its how you use them that ultimately counts. Hearing ‘brakeHEAD’ is the sonic equivalent of peering into Joseph Conrad’s ‘Heart of Darkness’ and coming through the insane journey alive at the end. ‘Exterminate all the brutes!’ The music searching and reaching for a climatic ending as its merciless assaults pounds and grinds the ears in ever increasing nerve shredding ways. The evil intent of the barrages showing through even the quieter passages. ‘The horror! The horror!’ The dying words of Kurtz reinterpreted in all their glory by the final musical notes of the recording. Apocalypse 2006. Coming to a home near you soon.

01. BiTer (Deep Cut Edit) (8:02)
02. High_Level_Input - Slow_Speed_Output (Well Done) (5:12)
03. ExtenDEAD Konnektion (Shortended Diskonnekted Version) (19:32)
04. Asphalt Flowers (Kontinenttalische Norswedische Ordnungsverskriftung Mix) (5:16)



Kristoffer Nyströms Orkester_BiTer

Auswalht : History Of Suffering [2011]

This is the debut album for this French Martial Industrial project. Majestical and cold blood warfare sounds, with high intensive percussion and strained orchestral. The subtle ambience arrangement convey a strong feeling of war cruelness.

01. Climate Of Terror
02. Eternal Misery
03. History Of Suffering
04. Sign Of Time
05. You, Who Are
06. Behind The Cross
07. Archives
08. Morituri
09. The Last Chapter
10. Marche Solenelle
11. A New Form Of Glory


ESA : Themes Of Carnal Empowerment Pt. 1: Lust [2012]

Over three years after "The Sea and the Silence", ESA returns with
part one of a dual-part concept release for 2012 entitled "Themes
of Carnal Empowerment".Taking inspiration from the very meaning of
lust and concentrating on the energy and instability that often
results, this new collection of rhythmic industrial stompers
promises to be all that ESA fans have been waiting for and more.

Eleven infectious new tracks display the groovier, more energetic
side of ESA. Combining hard, addictive rhythms with dark and
seductive hooks, each piece creates a truly enveloping experience
which rarely takes the foot off the pedal. From the solid rolling
rhythm of "Red Passage Overture" to the groove-laden viciousness
of "Wretch" and the distressing noisescapes of "Loss", part one of
"Themes of Carnal Empowerment" finds ESA at his most mature and
damaging yet.

With jaw-dropping artwork centered around the concept of lust
"Themes Of Carnal Empowerment Part One" is a no-brainer for heavy
industrial fans who like their rhythmic noise with a little more
substance and depth.

01. Red Passage Overture
02. With This Cold Kiss I Will Wound
03. The Plot Sickens
04. Carved Scars Of Carnality
05. Black Trip
06. Wretch
07. Themes Of Carnal Empowerment (Feat. Blue Mayhem & Riotmiloo)
08. The Relevant Flesh
09. Bliss
10. This Is Not Love
11. Loss (Prurient Symphony)


Dahlia's Tear : Dreamsphere [2012]

01. The Transition
02. Entrance To Dreamsphere
03. Carousel Of The Headless Horses
04. Dreamescape Liquid Chamber
05. Toward The Dark Cellar
06. An Enigma In The Black Gap


Raison D’être : When The Earth Dissolves In Ashes [2012]

01. The Everlasting Fire [Linecheck]
02. Summoning
03. The Unclean Spirit
04. Shedding
05. Darken My Soul
06. The Water Of Cleansing
07. Disowned Before The Angels Of God
08. The Dark Age Will Come
09. Spira Mirabilis
10. Sharing The Guilt
11. My Soul Is Darkened
12. The Everlasting Fire
13. Reconstructing The Void
14. Shadow Weaver



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