Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sistrenatus : Division One [2007]

This is a quite interesting release from Canadian project Sistrenatus. British Cold Spring Records is known and respected for their orientation in wide spectres of genres, from Martial music across orchestral ambience and industrial to harsh expressions of noise/power electronics. Normally these various styles are not combined, though this is exactly what Sistrenatus does on this, their debut-album "Division one". And they succeed in doing so! The overall expression is a mixture of harsh industrial and orchestral black ambience. Drones of noisy electronics permeates the works, sometimes subtly, other times with overwhelming power developing the work into harsh noise.

Starting out with the sound of church bell, the opening two tracks set the pace and the atmospheres of the album with the blend of concrete sounds, industrial noises and subtle spoken voices. Chapter "III" represents the first assault of extreme aggression as hordes of crushing electronics wash over the innocent listener meanwhile evil voices of pure wrath strengthens the feeling of discomfort. An excellent mixture of power electronics and death industrial on this one! As chapter "IV" takes over slow and heavy martial rhythms occur assisted by screeching noises and ancient horns giving the atmospheres of Middle Age. "IV" represents the calm before the next storm, which comes as chapter "V" penetrates with deep rumbling buzz-drones. Throughout "Division one", Sistrenatus nicely changes between expressive aggression and settling ancient atmospheres. Towards the end of the album (chapter VIII + XI) the gates of hellish noise open completely resulting in an anything but friendly farewell to the listener from Sistrenatus. Certainly a promising debut from this powerful Canadian project.

01. I [2:23]
02. II [4:00]
03. III [2:53]
04. IV [3:39]
05. V [5:48]
06. VI [4:58]
07. VII [3:28]
08. VIII [4:10]
09. IX [5:31]

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