Friday, April 27, 2012

Control : The Resistance [2012]

Control is Thomas Garrison from Santa Cruz who works as a
branding/body modification artist and as a mastering engineer
at his own misanthrope studio and has also initiated the
industrial/ambient project Exsanguinate. He made a name as one
of the finest American power electronics acts since the end of
the nineties with a multitude of releases and highly regarded
live performances in Europe and the U.S.. what emerges Control
in the power noise category is his obviously strong ability to
construct tracks that are extremely aggressive, but with shifts
that create contrast and texture rather than just constant
attack: the produced tracks are memorable and deeply loaded. He
transcends the pure rage associated with power electronics and
reveals the darker, more infectious and sinister emotions that
build that fury. Control's work is so conscious of creating mood
and atmosphere that it almost defies the genre that it caters

'The Resistance' offers a good balance of densely layered
forceful electronics with dark ambient undercurrents,
occasionally rhythmic pulses and offensive vocals filtered
through diverging effects. The voice is never used as an
overbearance or focal point, but as one of the many aural
textures. Control never sacrifices the music or the emotional
weight on the altar of rhetoric - it is his intention to arouse
the listener with almost cinematic moods, creating a sonic
environment where nothing good seems possible for people who
might inhabit it. Control has moved to the top of the power
electronics pantheon for good reason. He is talented enough to
accumulate power noise with death/ambient industrial and to
create fascinating arcs of suspense, making you pay attention
until the last second. His passion for detail means full focus
is required - a must for maximum appreciation.

01. Victory Equals Violence [6:42]
02. The Resistance [6:42]
03. First Drop Of Blood [4:52]
04. Disgraced By This Race [6:31]
05. Fuel The Fire [6:17]
06. Before The Fray [6:56]
07. Total War [6:40]
08. The Solution [6:40]

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