Monday, February 13, 2012

Therradaemon : Den Mørke Munnens Språk [2011]

1. Levnede Sort [21:49]
2. Ildspor [11:54]
3. Den Mørke Munnens Språk [14:40]
4. Et Arr Av Lys [8:46]

“Den mørke munnens språk”, translating to “Language of the dark mouth” is a new aural venture from Hærleif Langas (Northaunt), and definitely his most massive and ominous dark ambient project to date. Designed to open beneath you as a trapdoor, the 4 mammoth tracks on this first album are a reflection of a more sinister side of the psyche made from deep ambient structures and constantly evolving drones. Atmospheric and slowly moving it taps into the hidden maelstrom of the mind.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wappenbund : Music For Empires [2011]

A. Empires
B. Son Of Sun

Red vinyl in a round metal box with 3 inserts.

Hand-numbered edition of 294 copies, 50 of which are special edition with a 3" Bonus CDr, which must be obtained by a coupon in the Licht Ist Leben cassette.

Two songs full of magical melodies, archaic rhythms, anthemic choruses and partially woven heavy electronics.


Tatlum | Hezzel : Split Cycles [2011]

01. Tatlum - Lebenskampf
02. Hezzel - Foul Mouth
03. Tatlum - Feldzug
04. Hezzel - Critical
05. Hezzel - Fucking Horrible
06. Tatlum - Zaratustra
07. Hezzel - Farsh Noise
08. Hezzel - Grind
09. Tatlum - Bauch

Split of Russian and Latvian rhythmic noise projects.

 Artwork/photo by Stefan Alt (Ant-Zen).


Na-Hag : Dreams Of A Sick Man [2011]

01. Alpha Waves Are Dying, Theta-Rhythm Is Ready (4:24)
02. Hypnos Whirls Dizzy My Saltation (5:04)
03. Oh My Eyelid, Hold My Eye (4:48)
04. Caxixi Dreamcatcher (5:03)
05. The Fall I Need A Sole (7:04)
06. And Then Came Sopor (7:43)
07. Just Can't Sleep Sound (5:28)
08. Useless Attempt To Hold On The Edge (9:28)


Friday, February 10, 2012

Na-Hag : Obscurant [2012]

01. You Worship Me
02. Atavism
03. Sew Your Face To My Face
04. The Demon Inside Me
05. Praying On The White Mountain
06. Among The Lemic Ones
07. Washing Blood-Stained Hands Under The Rain
08. Dark Sun
09. Ninth Fragment Of My Body

3-rd album of tribal-industrial project from Kiev, Ukraine by Ruga Roo. Na-Hag is a mighty master of dreadful dreams and scary visions. He comes with a shadow of a huge black wolf. Scattering sounds of dark-ambient fights with chiselled beats, and gloomy shades of drone stare on them.

Music by, Mastered by Ruga Roo
Artwork by I. Gomzikov

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