Thursday, May 8, 2008

Einstürzende Neubauten : Alles Wieder Offen [2007] FREE Download

"It wouldn't be a good year for the industrial music without a new Einstuerzende Neubauten release. Alles Wieder Offen continues in the mood that was set up with Silence is Sexy seven years ago.

Die Wellen is a triumph, it reminds Prolog on Haus der Luge. Nagorny Karabach slows the tension down and it nicely prepares the atmosphere for Weil Weil Weil. It seems like Einsturzende Neubauten used dadaism as their major inspiration, that would explain the semi-sarcastic lyrics on Let's do it a dada. Track Alles Wieder Offen is obviously the most popish song on the album and it works perfectly just like Youme & Meyou on Perpetuum Mobile. The album's longest song is Unvollstaendigkeit which grows slowly and explodes in the end in the industrial cacophony samiliar to that on Armenia track.

Overall the album is great, if you liked the sound of Silence is Sexy and Perpetuum Mobile you will enjoy Alles Wieder Offen as well. The band remains unique even after 25 years of existence."

1. Die Wellen - [3:48]
2. Nagorny Karabach - [4:25]
3. Weil Weil Weil - [4:57]
4. Ich Hatte Ein Wort - [4:20]
5. Von Wegen - [5:37]
6. Let's Do it A Dada - [5:53]
7. Alles Wieder Offen - [4:14]
8. Unvollstaendigkeit - [9:03]
9. Susej - [4:49]
10. Ich Warte - [6:09]

DOWNLOAD LINK : Alles Wieder Offen
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