Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mental Destruction : Straw [1996]

Following a directional shift towards sedate dark ambient, CMI has almost completely neglected the sub-genre of post-industrial European noise manifested in classic releases by the likes of In Slaughter Natives and Lille Roger. Here to revive this dying breed is one of CMI's oldest bands, Mental Destruction. _Straw_ showcases all of the pounding, scraping, clanking, and screaming that once typified the Cold Meat sound. This is far from all-out noise; the instrumentation possesses a discernible rhythm. While metals provide a formidable base for each song, MD layers a few enthralling synthesizer notes into the mix.

01 The Streams Of Time 6:12
02 Unbleeding 6:02
03 This Darker Entity 5:30
04 Into Nothingness 4:25
05 Thorn 3:52
06 Winged I Fall 2:35
07 These Brutal Times Adored 4:47
08 Rise 4:02
09 Your Dying Soul 6:11
10 September Warning 6:31


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