Friday, June 22, 2012

Les Joyaux De La Princesse : Douce France [1997]

"Douce France" is a hard judgement on the Allies and their bombings on French cities in the 1940s. The first side opens with a report on death and damage caused by the bombs, with voices talking about house destroyed, civilians killed and other disasters. While they talk, a subtle, frightening noise starts to rise, turns louder and louder, resembling the roar of bombers' engines. All of a sudden, a deep, obsessive, percussive noise explodes, like bombs being dropped all over the place, and all hell breaks loose. This is Les Joyaux De La Princesse's most effective and frightening record, if you play it loud you actually feel like being under a bombing. And it's not a pleasant sensation at all...

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A. Messages 1940-1943: Edités Au Profit Des Victimes Des Bombardements Par "PATHE-MARCONI" 12:30
B. Derniers Messages: "Nous N'Avons Plus Rien A Nous Dire" 4:03

Edition of 555 hand numbered copies in die-cut folded sleeve sealed by banderole, including 4 postcards and insert. The sleeve comes with a stamp and is handsigned.

Track B ends in a lock groove.


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