Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Philipp Münch : Mondo Obscura [2012]

On this, his second solo album, the exceptional artist that is
Philipp Münch has assimilated musical influences spanning the
last four decades, bringing a brilliant and contemporary release
into being, just as he did on last year's 'Into The Absurd'.
supported by a number of musician friends he puts an emphasis on
vintage electronics and creations ranging from classic rhythmic
noise and minimal electro to cinematic ambient whilst retaining
a modern edge which sets him apart amongst those who work only
for sheer nostalgia.

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A clearly noticeable component on 'Mondo Obscura'
is the expanded range of vocals performed by Philipp
himself and guest artists such as Kyoung-hi Roho, Riotmiloo
(Eva|3), Tim Kniep (Synapscape) and Dan Gatto (Continues,
Babyland). This multitude of vocalists creates a vast subset of
accents and moods ranging between melancholy and aggression.
musically, moody minimal pop tunes alternate with harsh power
electronics and space-age ambience performed with a high amount
of flexibility on rhythms, effects and sounds. A very strong,
personal and complete release that deserves close attention,
highly recommended to those who are eager to look beyond the
limits of musical styles.

01. Despair [5:12]
02. Structure [6:05]
03. Raise The Pressure [3:51]
04. By Acident [5:46]
05. Shifting People [4:08]
06. Way Of Anger [4:56]
07. Espionage Version [4:50]
08. Choices Undone [5:15]
09. Sub Divider [4:33]
10. All I Want [5:18]
11. The Magma War [3:39]
12. Torch [4:09]


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