Saturday, June 30, 2012

Theologian : A Life Of Constant Struggle [2009]

Just about everyone with even a passing interest in Dark Ambient, Death Industrial or Power Electronics will be familiar with Lee Bartow, if not by name then by his moniker of Leech or his most well known project Navicon Torture Technologies. Sadly, that one is RIP, but Leech continues to record with different groups and under different guises. One that caught me off guard was this one, Theologian.

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Within the first few minutes of tape opener “This Is Wrong”, you’ll peg this immediately as one of Leech’s’ projects, you’ll also notice hardcore Atrax Morgue worship. The delayed, reverb-heavy vocals reminiscent of the classic NTT style, but the multiple-layered ambience of that sound has been replaced by more aggressive and minimal synth loops and rhythms. Not to imply that it’s boring, quite the opposite, just that where NTT is more brooding and ominous, Theologian comes across more ‘in your face’ and confrontational. Tracks like “The Last Grain In The Hourglass” could almost be labeled straight PE if the vocals were more distorted.

A1 This Is Wrong
A2 Confined To Quarters
B1 The Last Grain In The Hourglass
B2 Severity

Released in an edition of 50. The tape comes in a black medical grade ziplock bag, with a 6x6 professionally printed insert, a Theologian sticker, and a pair of black latex gloves.


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