Thursday, June 7, 2012

Steel Hook Prostheses Discography [2001 - 2009]

Hook Prostheses was conceived around 1999 by myself J. Stillings. My partner in our fledgling CD-R label Cyber Blast Records L. Kerr was soon recruited into the project. We self released a cd-r entitled “Apotemnophilia”. This recording was really experimental in nature and was all over the place. Soon a solid sound started to take shape and we were well on our way to something really Unique and powerful. Our future releases on various labels throughout the world started to evolve and progress into what it is today. I can best describe our sound as Heavy Electronics, a combination of power electronics, death industrial, dark ambient, and harsh noise.

Apotemnophilia (CDr) Cyber-Blast-Records 2001
Torturous Anxiety (CDr, Ltd) L. White Records 2004
Light Reflected From A Cold Cutting Table (CD) Pain Compliance Productions 2005
Steel Hook Prostheses / Mörkermännen - Inhuman Torment (CDr, Ltd) Blunt Object Records 2006
Hell Hospital (CDr, Album, Ltd) Nil By Mouth Recordings 2007
Wounds Bathed In Piss Water (CDr, Ltd) Blade Records 2007
Atrocitizer (CD, Album, Dig) Malignant Records 2008

Singles & EPs
Sadistic Surgery (CDr, Mini) Misanthrope Studio 2003
Cold Embrace Of An Iron Lung (CDr, Mini, Ltd) Chondritic Sound 2003
Controlled Sense Of Decay (CDr, Mini) N3 2004

Exploring The Outer Lesion (CD, Comp) Clinical Records 2009

Steel Hook Prostheses with Richard Ramirez - Explorations Into Deviance (CDr) Slaughter Productions 2002
Goat & Steel Hook Prostheses - Bloodletting The Altar Of Lies (CDr) Dragon Flight Recordings LLS2003
Anesthetic Cruelty (CDr, B/card, Ltd) PACrec, Troniks 2003
Carcinoma (CDr, B/card, Lim) Corrosive Art Records 2007

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