Thursday, June 7, 2012

Assemblage 23 : Bruise (2-CD Limited Edition) [2012] v.2

The recordings on Assemblage 23's seventh regular full length album "Bruise" was completed in late February. The album will be released in June and will be available in both a regular and limited edition version.

According to Tom Sheer in his own words: "Bruise" is coming along very nicely and I'm really happy with how it's coming out. I think the songs are some of the catchiest ones I've done with a lot of emphasis on melody. Style-wise, it is sort of an interesting combination of retro and futuristic influences.

CD 1
01 Crosstalk
02 The Last Mistake
03 Over And Out
04 The Noise Inside My Head
05 Outsider
06 Darkflow
07 Automaton
08 The Other Side Of The Wall
09 Talk Me Down
10 Otherness

CD 2
01 Rain Falls Down
02 The Last Mistake [cesium 137 Rmx]
03 The Noise Inside My Head [grendel Rmx]
04 Rain Falls Down [daniel Myer Vancouver Tribute Rmx]
05 God Is A Strangely Absent Father
06 The Noise Inside My Head [sonik Foundry Rmx]
07 Rain Falls Down [ivardensphere Rmx]
08 The Noise Inside My Head [boyz Inside My Bed Rmx By Alter Der Ruine]
09 The Last Mistake [geoff Pickney Of Tenek Rmx]
10 Reckless

Single CD Edition (MP3):

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2-CD Limited Edition (MP3) : 

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2-CD Limited Edition (FLAC) : 

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