Saturday, June 30, 2012

Funerary Call : The Black Root [2004]

Funerary Call is the black ambient project of Harlow MacFarlane who also performs more varied death industrial sounds under the moniker Sistrenatus. Although Funerary Call is an older project of his, he is still active and churning out new material.

The sound that Funerary Call employs on The Black Root is somewhere between the ambience of Inade and the more industrial sounds of Stratvm Terror. If either of those projects appeal to you, I would strongly recommend picking this up, a very dark yet intriguing work, and yet another great release from MacFarlane.

MORE ...

1 In The Half-Light 5:19
2 The Black Root 2:57
3 Works Of Fire 3:58
4 Dawn Of The Final Purge 6:34
5 Thee I Invoke 5:12
6 Furnace God 3:36
7 For Thus You Will Sow 4:52
8 Upon The Heath 4:10


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