Saturday, June 9, 2012

Arcana : As Bright As A Thousand Suns [2012]

Four years after the release of their last full-length album "Raspail", and following their "Emerald" EP released earlier this year, ARCANA now offers us brand new material on their 7th full-length album. As accustomed from this legendary act we are graced with Peter Bjärgö’s solemn voice echoing through the blend of strings, guitars, piano and a variety of percussion instruments. Ann-Mari Thim’s beautiful, picturesque soprano floats through the air together with Núria Luis’ emotional violin and Cecilia Bjärgö’s soft, mellow alto blends in with Mattias Borgh’s and Sergio Gamez Martinez’ percussive rhythms. As Bright as a Thousand Suns is a sincere and sapience filled opus from a mature collective, ten diverse songs of thoughts and emotions on one album of pure splendour.

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01. Somnolence (1:53)
02. As The End Draws Near (4:16)
03. Inceptus (6:31)
04. Medea (4:10)
05. Leave Me Be (4:23)
06. Infinity (5:33)
07. In Memoriam (6:09)
08. The Fading Shadow (4:01)
09. As Bright As A Thousand Suns (5:00)
10. Vinter (3:01)

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