Thursday, June 21, 2012

Beyond Sensory Experience : Tortuna [2003]

Beyond Sensory Experience (BSE) is a new ambitious project created by Drakhon (MZ412, Nordvargr / Drakh, Al-Wahaar Dhin) and K. Meizter. With their first release ''Tortuna'', BSE delivers a unique album : a tasteful blend of dark ambient soundscapes, calm organic melodies, looped voice samples and rhythmic superstructures. The entire album is draped with suppressed noise and flavored with Drakhon trademark guitar-art. Tortuna is a fifty-two minute journey that twists the imagination and alters perceptions....

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1 Number Theory 6:24
2 Carnival Of The Chained 7:44
3 Two Modes Of Understanding 9:36
4 Journey In Four Dimensions 12:09
5 Himmelen 5:27
6 Tortuna 8:32
7 Nineteeneightyfour 2:38


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