Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ain Soph : Rituals [2003]

RITUALS is one of the first Ain Soph recordings since they released their first tapes in those years. Ain Soph 1, 2 and 3 (better known as "Crucifige") were the seminal recordings of this band which in those years was experimenting with sounds and magick rituals. The eight tracks are a sort of compilation of their first two tapes and represents one of the most amazing recordings of the first Ain Soph period. If you know them only for their later recordings (the ones released by Cthulhu as "Aurora") mind you that this is something totally different and "dangerous". Those were the days magazines in Italy started to talk about experimental ritualistic music. If you missed them, with RITUALS you've got the chance to catch a part of the spirit that was pushing a bunch of Roman guys toward the unknown...

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01 Untitled 6:57
02 Untitled 5:36
03 Untitled 3:28
04 Untitled 3:42
05 Untitled 7:36
06 Untitled 4:35
07 Untitled 1:37
08 Untitled 4:15


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