Sunday, June 24, 2012

Frozen Faces : Broken Sounds Of A Dying Culture [1997]

Frozen Faces is a side-project of Deutsch Nepal. The idea came to Lina Baby Doll when most of his equipment broke down, so he had to work with minimum devices and harsher sounds. A cassette, an LP and a 7" releases have been put out by his own label Entartete Musikk, while Frozen Faces has made his first-ever live appearance in London in 2001.

A1 Frozen Faces 4:56
A2 She's Floating Marble 1:57
A3 Dying Culture 7:11
A4 Solitude 7:54
B1 A Tool - Cleaning Up 8:39
B2 The Naked Eye 2:01
B3 Doors Closed To History 2:27
B4 History 4:08
B5 Never Trust Anyone 4:22

Limited edition 500 copies.

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