Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Northaunt : Horizons [2006]

3rd full-length album from Norway's most renowned Ambient Atmospheric act. HORIZONS is a collection of 7 long ambient landscapes, lonely sceneries on the verge of night, places we long for, places we have been, sanctuaries from mankind. This is desolation made audible, carefully constructed and layered with deep drones, melancholic tonalities and outdoor field recordings which makes this Northaunt's most haunting release so far.

1. Until Dawn Do Us Part (6:32)
2. Night Came To Us (14:17)
3. Horizons (6:33)
4. The Autumn Sky (4:11)
5. Night Alone (9:58)
6. With The Stars As Witness (9:04)
7. The Wilderness (11:32)

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