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"Noise Unit started out as a collaboration between Bill Leeb and Marc Verhaegen of Klinik and they together produced the first two albums, both close to the sound of FLA at the same time. Rhys Fulber joined in from Response Frequency (1990) onwards. On Strategy of Violence (1992), a very heavy industrial album in the vein of FLA's Caustic Grip, and Decoder (1994), an instrumental and guitar-free equivalent to FLA's Millennium, the line-up was only Bill and Rhys. Important to know, "Decoder" included some of the scrapped tracks that they originally made for FLA's Millennium. The next album "Drill" (1997) was also the last album that Rhys was involved before he left, Drill waited up with the return of Marc Verhaegen as well as being a collaboration with German industrial pioneers Haujobb the result was a weird and totally fascinating breakbeat industrial collage."


1992 : Strategy of Violence

01. Corroded Decay
02. Hollow Ground
03. Hate You Feel
04. Assault
05. Carnage
06. Kick To Kill
07. Alle Gegen Alles
08. The Passage
09. No Soul, No Fear

DOWNLOAD : >> part1 | part2

1997 : Drill

01. The drain
02. Dominator
03. Prostitute
04. Miracle
05. Eye Burner
06. Sloth
07. Neuron
08. Otherworld
09. Penance

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