Wednesday, June 18, 2008


This is one of the best new ambient artists emerging in recent years. If you like both space/ambient and dark ambient, the releases by this Turkish Swede are highly recommended. A nice blend of both styles of ambient music. Think about Amethystium and Raison d'Etre put into a blender.

2005 : Harmonious Euphonies For Supernatural Traumas Mesmerising Our Existences In Radient Corpuscle Galaxies

1. Revenge Of The Queen Lilac [03:12]
2. Radiation [07:02]
3. Scarlet Ad Infinitum [05:00]
4. When The Grey Oakleaf Bloomed [05:28]
5. Endless Snow Spiralling Gentle [05:00]
6. Sullinen Kyyhkynen [06:37]
7. Hydrangea Wept In Emerald Lake [06:29]
8. Voyage & Calaquendi [04:54]
9. Ice Lake Diacenna [03:22]
10. Neptune's Sore, The Blueness [03:58]


2007 : Under Seven Skies

"Broken into seven separate tracks, this album pulls you into new directions and elements. Overall, every song is full of dark atmosphere building up, but this isn't a type of frightening atmosphere; it's warm, relaxing, and comforting, like a cozy walk on the beach before a storm. The songs flow perfectly and have enough melody and almost classical sensibilities that you would find this more in an adult new age category than dark ambient."

1. 7th Sky She Winnows The Galanthus, Synaptic State [07:12]
2. 6th Sky Spellbound The Circles [06:26]
3. 5th Sky Within A Dying Single Ember [08:52]
4. 4th Sky Convergence & Pointless [08:11]
5. 3rd Sky In-Perfection, From The Past Subconscious [03:05]
6. 2nd Sky Between Lights, Unreleased Colours And Earth [08:48]
7. 1st Sky Minimalism + [05:33]

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