Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wappenbund : Heimatflamme [2005]

This rarity brings us what looks to be the final release from the inspirational German Martial Industrial masters Wappenbund, compiling various rare and unreleased material for the first time, and presented in a heavy 7'' textured cover. Formed in March 1999 by Sven Bussler as a continuation of his original project Ophir, through the support of label Greyland records Wappenbund have steadily and surely built a solid reputation over the course of their career, often through highly limited but superbly packaged releases (in formats ranging from the initial self-released cassette 'Schlacht' through to the lavish LP boxset of 'Preußen' and more).


01. Messe Solenelle
02. Mahnmal

03. Die Wappen von Siege

04. Heimat

05. Germanium

06. Imperium

07. Fremde Fahnen Part I

08. Heimatflamme

DOWNLOAD : Heimatflamme
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