Thursday, August 25, 2016

Atrium Carceri : Metropolis [2015]

ARTIST.... Atrium Carceri
TITLE....... Metropolis
STYLE...... Dark Ambient, Industrial
LABEL...... Cryo Chamber
QUALITY..... 320kbps / Joint-Stereo
COUNTRY... Sweden
1     The Gargantuan Tower             3:18
2     The Dark Mother                      4:40
3     Across The Sea Of The Dead     7:08
4     Black Needle                            5:08
5     Decrepit City                            3:44
6     Sacred Slab                             3:21
7     200 Days                                 5:27
8     Industrial District                     4:34
9     Heart Of The Metropolis            3:25
10   The Cowled Seers                     5:03
11   The Machine                            6:37
"We've been trapped for too long. Trapped inside this machine. The ancient Metropolis. It appears to control us." 

Thus begins the afflictive tale of "Metropolis", the 11th full-length offering of master sonic storyteller Simon Heath, recording as Atrium Carceri. Stepping away somewhat from the archetypal approach to dark ambient music, Heath has created a concept album comprised of rich and grandiose soundscapes which are busier and more stratified than some of the more typical ambient compositions. Incidentally, the average track length on Metropolis is approximately four minutes, which allows for more fluid inter-thematic movement and deeper immersion. 

The dark brilliance of "Metropolis" lies in the ease with which its palatial presence communicates the themes of its tracks to the listener. Here, Heath invites us to go on a perilous journey through Metropolis - a languishing prison city draped in fog and forgotten by God himself; and as the listener explores the city's crepuscular terrain, unnervingly lucid images of this colourless and oppressive macrocosm bombard their mind's eye.  

Friday, August 19, 2016

The Peoples Republic Of Europe ‎: Rhythm Machine [2016]

ARTIST....  The Peoples Republic Of Europe
TITLE.......  Rhythm Machine
STYLE.....   Rhythmic Noise, Industrial
LABEL......  Monsters Of Doomcore ‎– MOD 16
QUALITY... 320 kbps/Joint-Stereo
COUNTRY.. Netherlands

1     Rhythm Machine Pt. 3   3:37
2     Weak                           6:26
3     Belter Creole                4:34
4     Technique                    6:36


Thursday, August 18, 2016

raison d'être : Feasting In Valhalla [2014]

ARTIST....   Raison D'être
TITLE.......   Feasting In Valhalla
STYLE......   Dark Ambient, Industrial Ambient, Industrial
LABEL......   Yantra Atmospheres – YA-2014-69
QUALITY.... 320kbps / Joint-Stereo
COUNTRY... Sweden
1 Purification 10:18
2 Old Wounds Opened 8:50
3 The Shadow Weaver 8:07
4 A Flaming Ordeal 9:51
5 Closer To The Abyss 8:17 
The CD contains new and unique live only material from 2014 recorded live at Valhalla Festival in Hallarna/Norrkoping/Sweden on the 19th of April 2014. Sold only during live performances, a very limited number of copies of this release are now available via ANNIHILVS, following the BRIGHTER DEATH NOW/DEUTSCH NEPAL/raison d'être NORTH AMERICAN TOUR.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Troum + Raison D'être : De Aeris In Sublunaria Influxu [2015]

ARTIST.... Troum & Raison D'être
TITLE....... De Aeris In Sublunaria Influxu
STYLE...... Dark Ambient, Industrial, Experimental
LABEL...... Yantra Atmospheres ‎/ Essence Music
QUALITY.... 320kbps / Joint-Stereo
COUNTRY... Sweden

1. Folia (3:01)
2. Alio Tempore (10:05)
3. Oculum Mundi (15:15)
4. Atmosphaera (6:46)
5. Meditationum (18:54)
6. Flammae (3:16)
7. Ad Infinitum (11:14)

Ever wondered how a mix of Troum and raison d’être would sound like? Here is the long awaited answer.

Four years in the making – carefully forged between 2011 and 2014 -, De Aeris In Sublunaria Influxu showcases a magically crafted alchemy between these two titans of the drone and ambient realms.

Troum navigate through cavernous, subterranean spaces where cyclical sounds reverberate towards impressive crescendos of icy noise, luminous drones and dramatic, guitar-driven ghostly melodies. Their truly unique gorgeous soundscapes shine in a perfect symbiotic movement with the Swedish dark ambient maestro Peter Andersson. Engulfed in a hauntingly beautiful kaleidoscope of grey-ish melancholia, raison d’être comfortably walks deeply into Troum’s vast territory, delivering his very own trademark of eerie tones, ominous sacral ambience and crystal clear constructions.

Airy lush enigmatic atmospheres live together with dark breathing, reverberate transformative drones. Rich and gorgeously layered.

Mastered using the K-14 level standard, the album comes lavishly assembled in a custom, sturdy 6-panel digisleeve packaging with amazing minimal artwork by the award-winning Spanish designer Ritxi Ostáriz. Limited to 700 copies.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Peoples Republic Of Europe : War Rig EP [2016]

ARTIST....  The Peoples Republic Of Europe
TITLE.......  War Rig
STYLE.....   Rhythmic Noise, Industrial
LABEL......  Monsters Of Doomcore ‎– MOD 15
QUALITY... 320 kbps/Joint-Stereo
COUNTRY.. Netherlands

1     Darkness Prevails            2:26
2     War Rig                          4:02
3     New Sonar System          4:09
4     Dragon Teeth                  4:06
5     Ghost In the Machine       4:34
6     Darkness Prevails Again  30:52

Five new tracks for the year 2016! The EP starts withe the slow 90 BPM martial pounder "Darkness Prevails". Followed by the 165 BPM onslaught of title track "War Rig" which combines old skool rhythmic noise with industrial hardcore. Doomcore on 136 BP with "New Sonar System" follows, and those who want it really fast can get their fix with the 190 BPM of "Dragon Teeth". Finishing track "Ghost In The Machine" is soulful doombahton on 100 BPM. A varied and harsh new EP for TPROE!
And for good measure we added a dark ambient bonus track. Drift away on dark drones!


Thursday, August 11, 2016

Genocide Organ ‎: Obituary Of The Americas [2016]

ARTIST....   Genocide Organ
TITLE.......  Obituary Of The Americas
STYLE.....    Industrial, Power Electronics
LABEL......  Tesco Organisation ‎– TESCO 100  
QUALITY... 320 kbps/Joint-Stereo
COUNTRY.. Germany

1     Autodefensa                   5:03
2     Formacion De Guerilla     5:37
3     I Don't Wanna Die          5:52
4     Escuela De Las Americas 4:13
5     Plastic Vests                   5:22
6     Operacion Causa Justa    5:59
7     Kaibil                             3:53
8     Todo Por La Patria          5:37

Genocide Organ have earned their place as masters of the craft within industrial and power electronics circles, and rightfully so for having been together 31 years at this point. Not many other bands of their caliber come to mind when considering their consistency of live performance and recorded output with respect to their age. Since the release of ‘Under-Kontrakt’ in 2011, they have expanded upon their Archive line of releases, published ‘Absolute Truth’ with The Grey Wolves, and brought to light some versions of older works on ‘KwaZulu-NaTaL’. Though the tracks of ‘KwaZulu-NaTaL’ are stated to have been recorded in 1994, the production quality is of exceptionally high fidelity by contrast to 1995’s ‘Mind Control’ and most of their body of work, for that matter.

It was perhaps the delayed release of ‘KwaZulu-NaTaL’ in 2014 which set my expectations of what ‘Obituary of the Americas’ might sound like, but contrary to this its production is quite similar in characteristics to most of G.O.’s other recordings. This is of small consideration; more importantly, the release of Obituary holds a logical and well-defined place in the chronology of Genocide Organ’s recorded output. Whereas ‘Under-Kontrakt was concerned with military conflict of Sri Lanka, ‘Obituary of the Americas’ turns focus to the United States and more generally the relations between regions of North & South America on the whole. From the official press release:

Genocide Organ have hidden in the jungles, hills, deserts, slums and cities of the Americas for 4 years. Being present on the shores of Panama, in the cardboard areas of El Salvador, the jungles of Guatemala, the drug roots of Bolivia, the human-drug trafficking (sic) in Mexico, the just in-justice in no-go areas just across the iron border of the US.”


Anenzephalia : Transmits From St. Petersbourgh [2007]

ARTIST....  Anenzephalia
TITLE.......  Transmits From St. Petersbourgh
STYLE.....  Industrial, Power Electronics
LABEL...... Zaetraom ‎– ZAETRAOM 000 
QUALITY..... VBR kbps/Joint-Stereo
COUNTRY... Germany

1     Sleepers Society     7:23
2     Prozac Patrol     4:03
3     O.T.     6:36
4     Regime     4:21
5     Eternal Dawn Breaks     5:20
6     Final Pulse     5:28
7     Final Pulse Extension     4:21
8     Wald     4:35


Hysteresis : Hegemonia Cultural [2016]

ARTIST.... Hysteresis
TITLE....... Hegemonia Cultural
STYLE...... Rhythmic Noise, IDM, Breakcore, Industrial
LABEL...... Hands Productions
QUALITY..... 320kbps / Joint-Stereo
COUNTRY.... Belgium

1. Coercion & Consent (5:31)
2. Gramsci in the Caribbean (5:40)
3. L'Ouvrier Méprisé Et Suspecté (5:51)
4. Ordine Nuovo (5:00)
5. A Slut Utopia (5:37)
6. Der Fabrikrat (4:26)
7. Raven (4:34)
8. La Impiedad (2:43)
9. Dies Irae (2:26)
10. The Theory (5:27)
11. Operation Northwoods (5:24)
12. Disparse! (4:54)
13. Coercion & Consent (Remix by Ah-Cama Sotz) (6:41)

Back with their third album for HANDS and fifth total, Hysteresis have gathered all their eclectic endeavors of the past, whooped it up to the max and produced their most upfront – some may say outrageous – album yet. Encounter pumping techno tracks, braindance and breakbeats, ethnic samples and subversively misleading melodies. Political and critical, extreme and entertaining, accessible on the surface and yet demanding, “Hegemonia Cultural” is a perfect mirror of this capricious age.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Theologian + Steve Moore : Into The Uttermost Fields Of Ether [2010]

ARTIST...... Theologian, Steve Moore
TITLE......... Into The Uttermost Fields Of Ether
STYLE.......  Industrial, Dark Ambient
LABEL........ Annihilvs 
QUALITY.... 320 kbps/Joint-Stereo

1     From Beyond An Obfuscated Constellation     22:33
2     Fields Of Ether     13:00
3     Cities Of Negative Space     15:23
4     Song For The Spheres     7:18


Friday, August 5, 2016

Theologian : Charting The Schism [2011]

ARTIST...... Theologian
TITLE......... Charting The Schism
STYLE.......  Death Industrial, Industrial, Dark Ambient
LABEL........ Crucial Blast ‎– CBRDIGITAL001
QUALITY.... 320 kbps/Joint-Stereo

I                              7:18
II                             5:46
III                            4:18
IV                            8:02
I Am The Engineer    7:57

Released as a companion piece to Theologian's first official full length "The Further I Get From Your Star, The Less Light I Feel On My Face", "Charting The Schism" is a new half-hour mini-album...


Winterkälte ‎: Greenwar [2001]

ARTIST....  Winterkälte
TITLE....... Greenwar
STYLE.....  Rhythmic Noise, Industrial
LABEL...... Hands Productions ‎– D025
QUALITY..... 320 kbps/Joint-Stereo
COUNTRY... Germany

1     Greenwar Theme One     6:01
2     Greenwar Theme Two     8:10
3     Greenwar Theme Three  7:25
4     Greenwar Theme Four    6:00

Pioneers of the so-called rhythm ’n’ noise or drum ’n’ noise genre.
A genre that Winterkälte helped to establish.

UPDATED LINKS | August 5, 2016

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Anenzephalia ‎: Instrumentalities (Singles Collection 1991-2008) [2014]

ARTIST....  Anenzephalia
TITLE.......  Instrumentalities (Singles Collection 1991-2008)
STYLE.....  Industrial, Death Industrial, Power Electronics
LABEL...... Tesco Organisation ‎– TESCO 096 
QUALITY..... 320 kbps/Joint-Stereo
COUNTRY... Germany
1     Infarkt     3:38
2     Mechanical Rape     4:26
3     Mindcancer     3:23
4     Induratio Penis Plastika     5:20
5     Illegal Survivor     2:47
6     Planet Of Slaves     6:51
7     A Tribute...     7:34
8     Final Pulse     5:05
9     Wahrnehmungskrieg     4:01
10     Stille Sphären     7:11
11     Störung 1 / Signalgeber     7:27
12     Fernmeldung / Störung 0     3:50
13     Daymare     4:36
14     Turn The Tide     4:23

Scaremeister : 31 Spirits [2014]

ARTIST.... Scaremeister
TITLE....... 31 Spirits
STYLE.....  Industrial, Experimental, Dark Ambient
LABEL...... Metropolis ‎– MET 914

01. Personal Demons
02. His Return
03. Abaddon
04. She's Possessed
05. The Apparition
06. Dark Skies
07. Take Shelter
08. Hellion
09. State Of Neurosis
10. Chamber Therapy
11. Subject 22
12. Burning Cities
13. Omen In Black
14. Unexplained
15. The Fear Of
16. Electroshmere
17. The Trial
18. From Within
19. Torrent
20. The Escape
21. Undertow
22. Continuum
23. Razorlace
24. Alchemist
25. The Vanishing
26. Battle Of Saints
27. Nightmares End
28. Soul Sale
29. Bell Tower
30. Ethology Of Canines
31. Premature Obituary

Scaremeister - 31 Spirits (2014)
"Of my entire career to date, this is my best work without a doubt"- Ken Marshall

Comprised of cEvin Key, Ken 'hiwatt' Marshall & Traz Damji, Scaremeister is a dark and deeply haunting approach to the horror/thriller film genre. Consisting of 31 unique “mini-scores” of original sound design, the work is equally compelling as individual tracks or as an album. 31 Spirits is guaranteed to disturb.

“Scaremeister is a project and partnership with two of my best friends and long-term collaborators, cEvin Key and Traz Damji. We made a deal with Groove Addicts in 2007 (now Non-Stop Music/Warner Chappell), to compose a 'volume' of film trailer cues for horror movies. The following year we produced 31 cues that were very well received by the film community, being placed in many film trailers, including: Inglorious Bastards, Transformers II, My Bloody Valentine, Book of Eli and Halloween 2 (just to name a few). With the ongoing success of Volume One within the film industry, we decided to release these works to the public so they can be heard outside theaters! We sincerely hope you enjoy Scaremeister's debut album '31 Spirits'! -Ken 'hiwatt' Marshall


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

V/A : Industrial Frequencies Vol. 03 [2001]

01. Siechtum - Dunkler Tag
02. Marita Schreck - Elektrischer Reiter
03. Winterkälte -Tropical Timber Trade
04. Synapscape - Discorrode
05. Mlada Fronta - Ritual
06. Starfish Pool - Metaphor
07. Dive - True Lies One
08. Peak - Noize 06
09. Monolith - Asynchrone Counter
10. Hypnoskull - Push Eject Return
11. Eisengrau - Treshold
12. Proyecto Mirage - Sensor Nr. 1
13. NKVD - Psykoz Part 1
14. Converter - Conqueror (Synopsis)
15. Yendri - No Human Contact
16. Noisex - Under Pressure

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