Monday, June 4, 2012

Geomatic : 64 Light Years Away [2010]

'64 Light Years Away' is heady stuff that will carry you worlds away; a real soundtrack for the mind. It makes me think of the best of old-style Delerium, Steve Roach and Michael Stearns, but several steps beyond. In no way does this sound the least bit New Agey. There are plenty of dark ambiences, post-industrial tribal rhythms, and deep dark delicious dubby delights, often spiced by Middle Eastern melodies and the wail of the muezzin in minarets. Even within the complexity of the music (and there is a good deal of complexity), there is a spatiality in the music that approaches the cosmic. Extremely well done with a variety of sounds and sonic motifs. Haunting, eclectic and mystical would be appropriate adjectives. The album stands up to repeated plays and still you will find more layers to unravel. If ever an album deserved to be called AWESOME, '64 Light Years Away' would fit that description. It's a heavy trip that is bound to grab your psyche, blow your mind and take you to realms you've never been before.

01 Nano Anu 5:21
02 Aftab E Siyah 6:16
03 Sacrifice 6:19
04 White Hole, Dark Soul 6:14
05 Shesqi 4:50
06 The Fourth Plane 7:00
07 Above Horizon 6:00
08 Serpent's Tooth 5:39
09 Drifting Away 5:48
10 Dead Forever 6:41
11 Final Dimensional Shift 7:15


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