Monday, June 4, 2012

Paranoia Inducta : Evil Angel [2010]

Any fan of Beast of Prey’s releases should already be quite familiar with Paranoia Inducta’s moderately prolific output. The label has supported Anthony Armageddon Destroyer’s endeavours into the world of death ambient since the project’s birth in 2003, having put out their debut in 2004, Sanctified Destruction. Foreshadow Productions helped soon after with The Unholy Place, but since then (three splits, a collaboration with Kenji Siratori, and three full-lengths later) it has been all Beast of Prey. Needless to say, when you’ve dedicated yourself as a label to consistently releasing one artists material, you must really believe in what they do.

Evil Angel opens up ominously with a gentle tunnel drone, a soft floating layer of sound pushed through a dark passage with a light wind element. Chimes and bells of different textures and pitches come in clearly defined and disassociated, as if to break up the calm. Uncomfortable moments of high pitched squeeling gates and an unearthly voice contribute to the opening track, helping it to maintain the desolate realm that it, and death industrial in general, seem to seek to attain — that is, a world mostly devoid of humanity as we know it, a world devoid of its industrial machine foundations. A world left to ruin, inhabited by the spirits of the memories of living beings that once sprawled across its surface. A cult-like voice speaks to its faction, a dwindling despaired creed of dissolving faith quickly burning out the final embers of humanity, embers that smolder and rekindle in vain as the world portrayed in Evil Angel leaves little space for life-related interests.

01 Land Of The Damned 5:07
02 Temple Of Lies 4:52
03 Evil Angel 7:03
04 Crying Game 4:40
05 Hell Comes To Your Home 4:22
06 Save My Soul 2:24
07 Already Dead 5:35
08 Ashes To Ashes 4:19
09 Not By It Is Cover 4:57
10 Voice Of Ouers Shadow 5:31
11 Silent Echos 5:05

Released in gloss and colour digipack adorned with artwork of Amelia.
Limited to 500 copies.

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