Monday, June 11, 2012

raison d'être : The Stains Of The Embodied Sacrifice [2009] | FLAC

Ambient is an interesting genre that covers a lot of musical ground. There are artists like Eluvium, whose gentle and warming static and nostalgic piano tunes are relaxing, happy and joyful. There's industrial ambient, martial ambient, blackened ambient, organic ambient, and probably thousands of other combinations. My favorites tend to be martial, industrial and organic, though I am partial to Eluvium and his joyful static.


Raison d'Etre, one of the oldest and most respected artists in the ambient world, is probably one of my favorite artists from any genre. Anyone who can take normal sounds,like clanking metal and make you feel uneasy, upbeat, depressed or any other emotion really knows his stuff, and this guy really knows his stuff. The Stains of the Embodied Sacrifice is probably one of Raison d'Etres harshest albums, with a lot less emphasis on more normal, gentle ambient keyboard work and a lot more emphasis on harsh sound, at times bordering on the actual genre of noise with the grating sounds of metal and screeching industrial tones.

..RIP.DATE: 2010-09-17
..STORE DATE: 2009-12-13
..LABEL: Cold Meat Industry
..GENRE: Dark Ambient, Industrial
..SIZE : 323 MB



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