Thursday, April 30, 2009

V/A : Forms Of Hands 09 [2009]

01. Syntech - First Aid (Foh-Extended)  
02. Maschinenkrieger Kr52 Vs. Disraptor -
      Genetic Manipulation  
03. Shorai - Prototype #1 (Blast-Past Edit)  
04. Empusae - Undead Hands  
05. Ms Gentur - Mind  
06. Synth-Etik - Blessed
07. The Pcp Principle - Perverse  
08. Angina P - Temporary Truth  
09. Incite/ - Nonlocality  
10. Geistform - Isolde
11. Edgey - Hate Tank (Stumblecore Mix)
12. Winterkälte - Incinerator 1996

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Winterkälte : First Album [1994]

Amazingly harsh debut album by the pioneers of Noisecore/hardcore Power Noise!
>>DOWNLOAD : First Album

Navicon Torture Technologies : The Gospels Of The Gash [2009]

Book I - The Bridge Of Ordeals
1-01 As The Great Bell Tolls, The Schism Opens, Revealing A World Of Birds (1:55)
1-02 The Noose And The Clawhammer (10:04)
1.03 Mind Is A Prison. (4:40)
1-04 Vortex (9:06)
1-05 They Will All Die Beneath My Hands (6:49)
1-06 Evil Never Recedes (6:59)
1-07 My Whole Life Is A Suicide Note. (7:38)
1-08 23 Eyeless Women (6:11)
1-09 Shred Of Remorse (6:40)
1-10 The First Broken Heart (9:03)

Book II - The Space Between Death And Resurrection
2-01 The Collision Of Sensuality And Death (8:07)
2-02 Prescience (6:12)
2-03 Self-Contempt As An Occupation (8:09)
2-04 Hopelessness Is The Greatest Aphrodesiac (9:47)
2-05 Soliloquy (7:48)
2-06 Pantyhose And Lighter Fluid At The Foot Of A Shallow Grave (10:29)
2-07 In Suffering There Is Beauty (9:07)
2-08 Human Rodent (9:43)
2-09 Pest Hole (3:37)
2-10 Benediction (5:56)

The final and definitive double CD release from NTT, The Gospels
of the Gash chronicles one man's journey into a world devoid of
light or hope. This is a place where the air is alive with the stink of pain
and the beating of great black wings.
Two two discs compile material from a slew of limited releases
from 2005-2007, as well as newer tracks recorded specifically for this release.
As a result, Gospels of the Gash is unquestionably the most
complete NTT recording to date and nothing short of a monumental
A culmination of the best aspects of past releases combined into
an epic odyssey of apocalyptic atmospheres, brutish frequencies,
harrowing darkness, and razor sharp vocals.
The Gospels of the Gash includes collaborations with Isomer and
Steel Hook Prostheses and was mastered by
Packaged in a two-tray DVDigipak with layout and artwork by
Leech and Jorden Haley, this release is a fitting funerary rite
for NTT.



Aethere : In Coma [2009]

01 Part I
02 Part II
03 Part III
04 Part IV
05 Part V
06 I Am Fucking Dead (A Tribute To Marco Corbelli)

Aethere, an act of Emanuele Ratti from Milan who in the last 4  years brought to perfection his dark ambient/space music hybrid, starting from a Cold Meat Industry style and finishing with sophisticated personal music, binding dilated atmosphere, typical for space music, with the more compact, oppressive style, characteristic of Swedish masters.


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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Phragments : Switzerland Occupied [2005]

1 Untitled (20:39)
2 Untitled (22:46)

Second release by Phragments. A live CD with two concerts from Switzerland (Luzern and Zürich), played in February 2005. Due to the fact that this is a live and improvised recording, it sounds rougher than the 3' CD. Orchestral power, industrial loops and a little noise!!! CD-R, limited edition of 50 copies.


>>DOWNLOAD : Switzerland Occupied

Decree : Moment Of Silence [2004]

01 Violent Reckoning (6:01)
02 Shallow Breath (4:18)
03 Fire Of Judgement (5:20)
04 Crushed (3:45)
05 Moment Of Silence (5:51)
06 Scorched Earth (7:00)
07 Forced Wide Open (5:24)
08 A Secret Thread (4:06)
09 Ued Dreams (5:20)
10 Cast Adrift (4:27)
11 Severed (6:19)

"Decree is however much more than a typical Ministry clone. Could it be otherwise if you realise that the main man behind Decree is Chris Peterson (Frontline Assembly, Delerium, Will). 'Moment Of Silence' pounds like crazy, like during powerful drum 'n bass influenced songs like 'Shallow Breath' and the phenomenal 'Crushed', but also contains some dark quiet songs we know so well from Cold Meat releases. Listen for instance to 'Scorched Earth', 'A Secret Thread' and 'Used Dreams'."   >

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Winterkälte : Drum ' N ' Noise [1999]

1         Rebound Effect vs Sustainability (5:45)
2         Rebound Effect vs Sustainability (7:15)
3         Structure 04 (5:29)
4         Tropical Timber Trade (6:52)
5         The Fate Of The Sea (11:52)
6         Do Not Vote For Industry! (20:30)
7         Global Deforestation (Amazon Rain Forest Version) (9:22)

"The best track on the disk, The Fate of the Sea, is next. And my GOD, what a track this is! In my opinion, this song is industrial music embodied - long, harsh, evil, ominous music that puts you in a damn aggressive mood. Starting off with some ambient soundscape work, which is quickly taken care of by my favorite percussion loop of the year. Harsh clangs and slow, pounding beats set the stage for a 12 minute musical assault!...  Overall, Winterkalte's latest is an essential album for any industrial fan. Immeasurably harsh and somehow sounding really unlike anything else I have heard (it's too "nice" to be straight up power-electronics and too "un-IDM" to be compared to PAL or Imminent Starvation). Compared to Structures of Destruction, Drum 'n Noise reveals a much more complex song-structure and a smoother, better sound overall."                                     >Re:mote Induction

>>DOWNLOAD : Drum ' N ' Noise

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Front 242 : HEADHUNTER (Live 2004)

>>HEADHUNTER (Live 2004)

Speed Tribe : Speed Tribe [2002]

A double pack DVD and CD release. The DVD features never before seen footage of the Le Mans 24 hour car race with a synchronized electronic soundtrack in surround sound. 
Included is a 4-page booklet. 

Music recorded, produced and mixed at Art & Strategy studio. 
Published by Daniel Bressanutti and Patrick Codenys (SABAM)


DVD-1         Speed Tribe V1 (25:36)
DVD-2         Speed Tribe V2 (25:03)
DVD-3         Frank Biela (8:49)
DVD-4         David Brabham (15:39)
DVD-5         John Nielsen (5:50)
DVD-6         Johnny Herbert (9:25)

>>DOWNLOAD (DivX) :  part1 | part2 | part3 | part4 | part5 | part6 | part7


Audio CD

CD-1         Mechanical (9:56)
CD-2         A.W.I.A.T.C. (4:24)
CD-3         Vinyl (1:54)
CD-4         U (2:38)
CD-5         S (2:45)
CD-6         E Ekitaikuuki (3:35)
CD-7         I (1:38)
CD-8         Numb (1:54)
CD-9         Kichikichi (1:30)
CD-10         Liquid Tempo (1:23)
CD-11         Access (4:21)
CD-12         Refill (Metallic...With Speed Syringe) (1:05)
CD-13         Grisha (4:05)
CD-14         Boost (0:19)
CD-15         >> (3:06)
CD-16         Interface (1:49)
CD-17         Peur (Case Study 9923) (1:22)
CD-18         Hexagon (3:21)
CD-19         He Runs Too Fast For Us 2 (1:40)
CD-20         Circle (1:12)
CD-21         Bent (0:27)
CD-22         Fishing Brain Bytes (2:42)
CD-23         Rinban (4:10)

>>DOWNLOAD (FLAC) : part1 | part2 | part3 | part4 | part5 | Scans

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Male Or Female : Primitive Reflections Twisted From Sound [2004]

IDM side project of FRONT 242 (Daniel Bressanutti, Patrick Codenys) and Elko Blyweert. This is the Bonus Audio CD.

CD1         Skeleton Toy \3/ (4:52)
CD2         Eyelid Surgery (4:05)
CD3         Rain \Yellow/ (3:38)
CD4         They Looked Like Fire (4:58)
CD5         Amplifier \3/ (4:54)
CD6         Louder Than Silence (4:19)
CD7         She Kissed An Angel \Dub/ (6:03)
CD8         Could I Love A Pair Of Wings? (5:34)

>>DOWNLOAD (FLAC) : part1part2part3 | Scans

Front 242 : Catch the Men [2005] | Video

01. Happiness
02. Body To Body
03. Religion
04. Together
05. Im Rhythmus bleiben
06. Crapage
07. Animal
08. First In First Out
09. Moldavia
10. Melt
11. Headhunter
12. Welcome To Paradise
13. Punish Your Machine

Credits  :    Drums [Guest] - Tim Kroker 
                  Keyboards, Sampler - Patrick Codenys 
                  Mixed By [Live], Sequenced By [Sequencers] - Daniel B. 
                  Vocals - Jean-Luc De Meyer , Richard "23" Jonckheere 

Note     :    Recorded live at Lokerse Feesten in Belgium in August 2004.

Screenshots :

Live video of the Belgian Electronic Body Music pioneers Front 242! This is a high quality DVD rip in AVI (XviD) format. Front 242 live is always an awesome, unforgettable experience. First time I saw them live at Lollapalooza in July 1993 and again at their headline tour in November 1993 (I took some pics of this show) in Houston, Texas.

BTW, thank you Front 242 for your innovative music without which I would have still been listening to crappy, uninventive, uninspiring, uncreative sounds called mainstream music.... 



Credit goes to

Karjalan Sissit : Fucking Whore Society [2009]

01.A1 Jävla Psykopat Kärring (Värre Än En Horunge) 
02.A2 Asuntovaunussa Huoraamassa 
03.A3 Slödderet Maste Bort 
04.A4 Loppuun Nussittu Avioliitto 
05.A5 Har Du Horat Runt Pa Campingen?
06.B1 Nyt Tulee Kirvestä; Perkele 
07.B2 Rautakeppi 
08.B3 Hyi Helevetti (You Are A Whore And Will Always Be)
09.B4 Skitfolk 
10.B5 Knulldate 
11.B6 Solmu On Solmittu

The other day I watched the Finnish thriller movie SAUNA. And when I was watching it I immediately thought this movie SHOULD and MUST have used music by Karjalan Sissit because it was in Finnish language, it had a Karelian Unit (English for Karjalan Sissit), it was set in late 16th century and it had dark and horrifying atmospheres, all of which are present in/related to Markus Pesonen's musical project...  Strange but true.




Friday, April 17, 2009

Battlefield Abyss : Elder Gods Realm [2008]

01-Under The Ruins
02-Space Hulk
04-Beneath The Surface
05-Ground Warfare Against Them
07-Scourge Of Armagon
09-Chimes Of The Lost Dimension

Dark-ambient/industrial music heavily inspired by the Quake 1 soundtrack from 1996. A mix of fresh sounds and some old samples from the original soundtrack. Dark, dingy, mechanical, sci-fi cinematics to get lost in. Battlefield Abyss bring back a rare sound that was barely explored or touched on for a new dose of sonic darkness.    © Prophecy Dominion Records 2008

>>DOWNLOAD : Elder Gods Realm

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Xotox : Lichtlos [2003]

01         Intro (The Beginning) (1:01)
02         Zweischicht (4:30)
03         Dark Chapter (4:51)
04         Eisenkiller (4:56)
05         Null (4:07)
06         Lichtlos (4:36)
07         Nothing (3:35)
08         Bypass (5:24)
09         So You've Ruined Your Life (3:15)
10         White Widdow (5:47)
11         Das Tanzdiktat (4:40)
12         Nightmare (3:48)
13         Alone (3:16)
14         Feed Your Enemies (3:38)

>>DOWNLOAD : Lichtlos

Sephiroth : Cathedron [1999]

1         Wolftribes (4:55)
2         Cathedron (12:52)
2.1         Spell Of The Eastern Desert
2.2         The City Of No Name
2.3         Bone Drums
2.4         Dream And The River
3         The Moongate (7:31)
4         Abyssanctum (6:44)
4.1         Awakening Of Lilith
4.2         Night Demon Of Late December
4.3         Churches And Asylums Rests Under Eternal Ice
5         Heliopolis (4:41)
6         Dark Father (8:02

Ground breaking when it was first released on Cold Meat Industry back in 1999, this album stands for the best qualities of the infamous Swedish label, the creativity of which is matched by its quality which is a rarety by itself. I myself admire this release because it has musical elements that I truly love: dark synth melodies, thunderous drums, industrial noises, clanging metals, ethereal voices. All of these are rolled into one album. Consequently, this is not an average dark ambient/industrial album. This IS a unique masterpiece....



>>DOWNLOAD : Cathedron

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sephiroth : Draconian Poetry [2005]

1         The Call Of The Serpent (6:21)
2         Dark Garden (4:57)
3         Uthul Khulture (4:18)
4         Therasia (8:38)
5         A Map Of Eden Before The Storms (8:56)
6         The Clock Of Distant Dreams (6:25)
7         Now Night Her Course Began (9:03)

"After a six long years of nothingness Ulf Söderberg breathes live into the behemoth that is Sephiroth with the unveiling of the hugely impressive ‘Draconian Poetry’ album. Comprising of immensely dark and malevolent ambient soundscapes, that slowly crawl through the shadowed recess of your soul. Their form, almost organic in nature unfurls itself around the listener and creates a sound that is both delicately haunting yet almost overwhelming in its stature. The depth and consistency of these pitch-black ambient compositions has a very ritualistic edge to their delivery and the aural that slowly ebbs forth from them is so imposing and powerfully hypnotic that you find it all to easy to become lost amongst the multiple layers that they consist of. However what makes this enchantingly un-illuminated album even more compelling is the use of pounding drums that rammed into the haunting soundcapes to create an immensely forceful sound that thunders forth form the speakers. These huge drum patterns produce a very tribal, almost ritualistic presence that pushes the depth and intensity of this already superb dark ambience album even further, whilst all the time being enveloped by these seemingly organic slices of sounds. The drums drive themselves forth with a thunderous rapture before being pulled backing to the dark recesses of Sephiroth’s shadowy world. It’s hard to try and imagine how a composer like Sephiroth can create such stunningly dark yet compellingly creative compositions that are quite simply breathtaking to experience, yet he does with a seemingly effortless approach and delivery through out the entirety of ‘Draconian Poetry’. If you have any calling at all to the dark-ambient genre, then this album is really must be experienced as it is without a doubt one of the most impressive pitch-black and hauntingly spectacular releases to grace the genre."         >

Industrial-strength tribal drumming meets dark ambience... Some reviewers tended to compare this album with Sephiroth's first album Cathedron, therefore they had high expectations of it and were sorely disappointed when they were not met.   I, on the other hand, had not listened to any of his albums  therefore I had no such expectations or prejudice. And this was the first Sephiroth album that I listened to and I was impressed by its creativity, uniqueness and quality. While Cathedron is impressive in its own way, this album is also of high quality, albeit stylistically a bit different.



>>DOWNLOAD : Draconian Poetry

Ah Cama-Sotz : The Way To Heresy [2005]

01. 30 Siècles De Sommeil (3:58)
02. Armitangosh (4:50)
03. Elysium (3:34)
04. Nachtzehrer (5:09)
05. El Sueño De La Hora Más Oscura (3:23)
06. Upon The Face Of The Earth (3:35)
07. The Blood Is Red (4:43)
08. La Messe Noire (3:39)
09. Entierro De Los Muertes (3:24)
10. Your Darkest Soul (3:50)
11. Sodom And Gomorrha (4:17)
12. Har-Rhem (4:16)
13. While Others Cry (4:56)
14. From The Blood Of The Ancient Ones (4:47)
15. Exxtrrminate (My Way To Heresy 2005 Ce-Mix) (4:23)
16. The Last Incantation (5:01)

>>DOWNLOAD : The Way To Heresy

P/W :

Ah Cama-Sotz : Declaration Of Innocence [2008]

In ten tracks Ah Cama-Sotz tells a story of a journey; How your inner soul is transported into another dimension. Events on this journey include a certain 'Sacrifice' as instructed by 'Voices From The Dark', a visit to 'Warszawa' and — albeit from a distance — watch the 'Decline Of The Roman Empire'.

And like a true journey, the view out the window is gorgeous. Varied and dynamic as we have gotten to know the talent of our tour-conductor. There are moments of deep dub with heavily distorted guitars, ambient neo-classical soundscapes, Arabian as well as ritualistic influences. And the additional vocals of Fleur Pierets turn the rockiest mountain into the Garden of Eden ...

With 'Declaration Of Innocence' Ah Cama-Sotz succeeds again in delivering an album which completely f*cks up the inside of your head and therefore changes your perspective of a world filled with Blood, Guilt, Sin and Innocence.

>>DOWNLOAD : Declaration Of Innocence

P/W :

V/A : Elektroanschlag 5 [2009]

01. Ab Ovo - Gathering
02. Atrox - Keep Control
03. F.Y.D. - Re-Act
04. Geistform - Hadrons
05. Heimstatt Yipotash vs. Takhtahk - Down In The Streets Today
06. In Slaughter Natives - Still Just Only Death
07. Larvae - Bubastis (Dharmatronix Broken Mix)
08. Mandelbrot - Wolkenfront
09. Morbus M. - Voltan
10. Sandblasting - Warfare Remix
11. S.K.E.T. - Victor Hugo Daza EA_X
12. Ten Data Keshin - Cybernetic Pepper Spray
13. This Morn' Omina - Rumante
14. Tonikom - Glint
15. Warbaby - Lost Cookie (Bad Hair Day Mix)
16. Xabec - Tank Sonique (Live At Kuba, Munster 2003)
17. Xsoz - Alien Energized

3 exclusive and 14 yet unreleased tracks by almost all artists performing at Elektroanschlag Festival 2009 in Altenburg/Germany.

>>DOWNLOAD : Elektroanschlag 5

P/W :

Flint Glass : Circumsounds [2008]

01. Polygon - Gestern (Remix By Flint Glass)
02. Thermidor - Plenum Aquae (Remix By Flint Glass)
03. Eretsua - Travelling Light (Remix By Flint Glass)
04. Zonk't - Air Field (Remix By Flint Glass)
05. Shizuka- Les Esprits (Remix By Flint Glass)
06. Empusae - Beauty-Of-Decay (Remix By Flint Glass)
07. Suicide Inside - Angel (Remix By Flint Glass)
08. Prospero - Contagion & Rebirth (Remix By Flint Glass)
09. HIV+ - Havoc2027 (Remix By Flint Glass)
10. Disharmony - Sacred Truth (Remix By Flint Glass)
11. HIV+ - Doors Of Perception (Remix By Flint Glass)
12. Displacer - Fueled (Remix By Flint Glass)
13. SCI-FI Industries - Questions And Answers (Remix By Flint Glass)
14. Tzolk'in - Zotz (Remix By Flint Glass)
15. OTX - Blood For Oil (Remix By Flint Glass)

"The music of Flint Glass especially appeals to the imagination and it will not be much of a surprise that Flint Glass is a much sought after remixer for other projects. On Circumsounds the best remixes of this talented French electronic project have been compiled for the first time. 

Thus you’ll hear a remake of the ‘Air Field’ track from the French experimental Zonk’t project, a remix of ‘Beauty of Decay’ from the befriended Belgian ritual-ambient industrial project Empusae, a ripped apart interpretation of ‘Angel’ from the industrial project Suicide Inside, two remixes of tracks from HIV+, with a remix of ‘Doors of Perception’ and the successful track ‘Havoc 2027’. 

Furthermore you will find remixes of tracks from the dark ambient project Thermidor, the experimental IDM/electronic project Eretsua, the French industrial project Shizuka, the Canadian IDM-electro-industrial act Prospero, the solid Slovakian EBM/IDM project Disharmony, the phenomenal IDM project Displacer, the Empusae vs Flint Glass revelation Tzolk’in, the adventurous Portuguese project Sci Fi Industries, and the French electronic alchemist OTX. You will notice on this release how Flint Glass has managed to integrate its typical enchanting sound in the various remixes from this musically diverse selection of artists."        >

>>DOWNLOAD : part1 | part2

P/W :

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

V/A : Reload - Invasion And Friends 2K9 [2009]

01. Asche - Deadeyed Little Man (V2) 04:41
02. Punch Inc. - Final Execution 04:56
03. Suicide Inside - Snake 04:34
04. Synapscape - Luka 04:13
05. Winterkaelte - Band Depleted Uranium Weapons 2009 05:27
06. Punish Yourself - French Pigs / End Of The Western World (Live @ The Rehearsal Room) 04:31
07. Ambassador21 - Revolution Is A Business 2k9 06:10
08. Sonic Area - Candle Danger 03:35
09. Pneumatic Detach - Relentless (Live Mix) 03:49
10. Roger Rotor - Eschatology (Torquemada Mix) 04:34
11. Iszoloscope - In The Other Mind Of Us (Extended) 05:01
12. P.A.L - Nada (Inv2k9 Edit) 02:14
13. F.Y.D. - Bulls Eye 02:23
14. Boot-Sector-Viruz - I Bass U 04:21
15. Xabec - No Disko (Transformed By Spherical Disrupted) 06:47


>>DOWNLOAD : Reload

P/W : mp3db

Lucidstatic : Gravedigger [2008]

01. Blackout
02. Aux8 (Revision)
03. Man Who Wasn’t There
04. Inner Struggle
05. Headhunter (Narcotix Edit)
06. Showdown (‘08 Re-edit Mix)
07. Mercy Of A Bullet
08. Warning
09. Unknown Test Subject
10. Militant
11. P4TR10T (Black Op Mix)
12. Knuckledust
13. Pathology
14. Night Vision (Die In Dreams Mix)
15. No Love
16. Sleep Experiment 13
17. Defiance

>>DOWNLOAD : Gravedigger

Depeche Mode : Sounds of The Universe [2009]

01. In Chains
02. Hole To Feed
03. Wrong
04. Fragile Tension
05. Little Soul
06. In Sympathy
07. Peace
08. Come Back
09. Spacewalker
10. Perfect
11. Miles Away / The Truth Is
12. Jezebel
13. Corrupt
14. Outro

>>DOWNLOAD : Sounds of The Universe

Monday, April 13, 2009

Xotox : PSI [2005]

1-01         [Xo]toxic
1-02         Industrial Madness
1-03         Winterblut
                 Vocals - X-Fusion 
1-04         Tote Bäume
1-05         Die Schöpfung
1-06         23 Jahre
1-07         Fieber
1-08         Kontrollierbar
1-09         Rhythmuskaputt
1-10         Das Grau
1-11         [PSI]
1-12         Lass Mich
1-13         Nullpunkt
1-14         Bohrung 25
1-15         Roboterkrieg
1-16         Bewegung
1-17         Totgeburt
2-01         Roboterkrieg ([:SITD:] Remix) 
2-02         Raketensommer
2-03         Lass Mich (Scheusal-Remix by Noisuf-X)
2-04         Die Schöpfung (Mechanical Moth Remix) 
2-05         [PSI] (Pseudomaus-Remix by Jean Bach) 
2-06         Raketensommer (V2 Deconstruction by KiEw) 
2-07         I Want You (Original Version)
2-08         Kontrollierbar (Gedankenschmerz)


Limited edition digipak comes with a second disc containing exclusive remixes, non-album tracks, and video clips: [PSI] and Eisenkiller (Live at Slimelight - London, England).


P/W : ManHunter

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Xotox : Dokumentation I: Ton [2006]

01         Intro (1:12)
02         Industrial Madness (4:31)
03         Tote Bäume (4:15)
04         Lichtlos (4:40)
05         Winterblut (3:35)
06         Mechanische Unruhe (5:25)
07         Die Schöpfung (4:43)
08         Eisenkiller (5:09)
09         Nasse Wände (5:00)
10         [PSI] (4:57)
11         Fremdsystem (5:54)
12         Winterblut (Spiritual Cramp Remix) (3:55)
13         Dunkelheit (X-Fusion Edit) (4:34)
14         Alone (Missratener Sohn Remix) (4:13

Tracks 1-10 recorded Live at BPM-Club, Leipzig, Germany on November 5th, 2005.

>>DOWNLOAD: part1 | part2

P/W : ManHunter

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Apoptose : Schattenmädchen [2007]

"The release has reworked and remastered tracks that were released before on now difficult to get compilations by labels such as Ajna Offensive, Ironflame, Polymorph Records and Ikonen Media. Schattenmaedchen also has three new songs, of which two in cooperation with the Japanese cyberpunk author Kenji Siratori. Regarding sound this album is more a return to the oppressive atmosphere on the debut Nordland than a continuation of the ritual percussive Blutopfer... The two tracks ‘Ba-137m’ and ‘2Wei Sonnen’ show influences from industrial noise and power electronics."      >

The songs ‘Ba-137m’ and ‘2Wei Sonnen’ can be describend as Noise Ambient due to their distorted synth melodies. I don't think I have ever heard any (dark)ambient artist who has composed music with this technique. Hopefully more artists will create music like this. Simply amazingly creative...



>>DOWNLOAD : Schattenmädchen

Archon Satani : Mind Of Flesh & Bones [2006]

01. I (6:37)
02. II (9:34)
03. III (7:28)
04. IV (8:37)
05. V (12:58)

"A dark ritual project, playing eerie and haunting industrial ambient music with a satanic background, obsessive percussions and frightening demonic voices. The original line-up consisted of Tomas Pettersson and Mikael Stravöstrand. They worked together from 1990 to 1993, then the former went on to form Ordo Equilibrio, while the latter continued under the name Archon Satani, as well as with his other project Inanna."      >

"This is an album that originally already was released in 1993 on the well known Staalplaat label and since then is a much sought after cult album. Cold Spring Records releases this album in a completely remastered version... The music in the five tracks on this album is best described as occult ritual dark ambient and industrial. A bit comparable with the early industrial-flavored material of Ordo Equilibrio, but also with Psychonaut 75. The music without doubt has been of major influence on younger occult industrial dark ambient projects like Coph Nia, Atrium Carceri or Des Esseintes. Perfect music for the late nightly hours."      >


>>DOWNLOAD : Mind Of Flesh & Bones

Inanna : Day Ov Torment [2007]

01 Zounds (6:13)
02 Body Ov Light (8:49)
03 Her Essence (4:41)
04 Thorn (5:20)
05 Zonei (3:51)
06 Ancient Flesh (4:46)
07 Submission To Solitude I - III (17:37) 
08 Besides Eternity (5:45)
09 Exhalted Inanna / Hurt (8:16)

Archon Satani's side project.


>>DOWNLOAD : Day Ov Torment

Friday, April 10, 2009

V/A : The Absolute Supper [1998]

CD 1

01 In Slaughter Natives ~ INRI... Raped By The Cross (8:36)
02 Protagonist, The ~ Imitation (4:43)
03 Protagonist, The ~ Zoroaster (5:51)
04 Ordo Equilibrio ~ The Perplexity Of Hybris. I Glorify Myself (4:31)
05 Sanctum ~ {-} (4:09)
06 Puissance ~ Love Incinerate (5:16)
07 Arcana ~ Winds Of The Lost Soul (4:35)
08 Mortiis ~ Child Of Curiosity & The Old Man Of Knowledge (5:42)
09 Desiderii Marginis ~ Chaos Undivided (4:12)
10 Sephiroth ~ R'lyeh (9:21)
11 raison d'être ~ The Verge Of Somnolence (6:45)
12 Hazard ~ Who Blew Out The Northern Lights? (5:50)

CD 2

01 Brighter Death ~ Now I Wish I Was A Little Girl (9:41)
02 Frozen Faces ~ Zyklon B Doll (5:53)
03 Mz.412 ~ N.B.S. Act 1 - Begravning (5:34)
04 Megaptera ~ Don't Desecrate The Dead (6:31)
05 Deutsch Nepal ~ Logo (9:37)
06 Nacht ~ Svartsinn (8:12)
07 Archon Satani ~ A Time Of Ruin (6:19)
08 Ildfrost ~ Hearts Perturbe (5:07)
09 Ildfrost ~ Slept Awake (2:15)
10 Cintecele ~ Diavolui The Devil Must Kill (5:50)

>>DOWNLOAD : part1 | part2 | part3

V/A : Flowers Made Of Snow [2004]

CD 1
01. Coph Nia ~ The Oath (4:19)
02. The Protagonist ~ The Sick Rose (4:54)
       Vocals by Jonathan Grieve
03. In Slaughter Natives ~ The Vulture (4:55)
04. Olen'k ~ Season Of Tears (3:25)
05. All My Faith Lost ... ~ Sleep Now (4:03)
06. The Last Hour ~ Into Empty Depth (4:01)
07. Apatheia ~ Safehouse (3:24)
08. Ataraxia ~ Incabala (3:31)
09. Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio ~ Yesterday Brings But A Serpent Of Ash (5:01)
10. Hesperos ~ The Warm Whisper Of The Wind (4:08)
11. Sibelian ~ The Sin Eater (8:51)
12. Sanctum ~ Lie Low (4:27)

CD 2
01. Desiderii Marginis ~ Where I End And You Begin (4:48)
02. Raison D'être ~ Mouldering The Forlorn II (6:44)
03. Atrium Carceri ~ Impaled Butterfly (5:00)
04. Mz.412 ~ In Hoc Signe Vinces (6:53)
05. Brighter Death Now ~ While You Sleep (4:42)
06. IRM ~ My Mother (6:28)
07. Deutsch Nepal ~ Of Parasites And Disguises (7:11)
08. Nacht ~ Death Posture (3:55)
09. Beyond Sensory Experience ~ The Trade (4:11)
10. Sephiroth ~ Therasia (7:21)
11. Skin Area ~ Choose Art... Not Life (6:01)

Download via - Protected Links




Panzar : Pratotypon [2006]

01 Disorder (6:29) 
02 Gepanzert (7:18) 
03 Abwehr (4:37) 
04 Sensor (6:19) 
05 Disco (3:20) 
06 Wirbelwind (7:26) 
07 Ostwind (4:19) 
08 Hospitalium (4:52) 
09 Organschmerz (4:27) 
10 Folkstorm - Victory Of Death (3:49) 
11 Transmigration (4:37)

Tracks 1 to 5 recorded live at Pompom, Folkparken, Norrkoping, Sweden on July 2nd, 2005. 
Tracks 6, 7 & 10 from 2001. 
Tracks 8, 9 & 11 from 2000.

Another Peter Andersson's side project. Calidad, claro!

>>DOWNLOAD : Pratotypon

Genocide Lolita : Direkt Aktion Kommandos [2008]

1 Guantanamo Bay Camp X - Ray (7:59)
2 Life Being What It Is, One Dreams Of Revenge (5:52)
3 Mad As Hell (7:01)
4 La Bas ( Rise Below ) (4:51)
5 Sharp Shooters (5:17)
6 Strength Without - Weakness Within (8:15)
7 The Beaten Path Of Idols And Isms (9:20)
8 Are We Artist Posing As Terrorists Or Are We Terrorists Posing As Artists? (6:41)
9 Soldiers Of Desperation (6:00)

>>DOWNLOAD : Direkt Aktion

Ice Ages : Buried Silence [2008]

01. Intro 3:23
02. Buried Silence 6:26
03. Your World 5:49
04. Dim Visions 6:13
05. Icarus 4:40
06. Frozen Soul 5:38
07. Essential Loss 5:07
08. Enemy Inside 6:07
09. Tormented in Grace 5:38
10. Curse 5:3

Better produced than the previous album, Richard Lederer (of the Darkwave band Die Verbannten Kinder Evas and the Metal band Summoning) continues his unique, visionary music with this excellent follow-up album full of medium-paced, foreboding songs. Many open-minded critics and fans alike think this is one of 2008's best Electro-Industrial albums. No doubt about that.. [sk@ds]


>>DOWNLOAD : Buried Silence

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Necrophorus : Moments of Sleeping Sadness [2008]

01. The Dormant Being
02. A Second Very Heavy Grief
03. Soporific
04. In Mourning
05. Threshold Over Times
06. Water From Arcane Delight
07. Sadnight
08. The Dormant Being
09. A Second Very Heavy Grief
10. From Sadness To Somnolence
11. In Mourning (She Will Now Slee
12. Glassworks
13. Rainnight
14. Soporific

All titles created by Peter Andersson in 1991-1992 
Titles 1-4, 8-11 first appeared on the demo tape ‘Sadness and Somnolence’ (1991) 
Titles 5-7, 12-14 first appeared on the demo tape ‘The Voices of Eternity Which Calls for the Captives of the Time’ (1992) 
Titles 1-7 are re-mixes from 1996 and 1999 
Titles 8-14 are taken from the original demo tapes

Another release by the prolific Mr. Andersson. Enjoy...

>>DOWNLOAD : Moments of Sleeping Sadness

Brighter Death Now : Great Death [1990]

A1. Great Death
A2. Evisceration
A3. Certified Dead
B1. Gore (Modern Trad.)
B2. Moribund
B3. Laudate Dominum

"Brighter Death Now is the personal project of Roger Karmanik, founder of Cold Meat Industry. It is one of the most extreme industrial noise act on the scene, assaulting the listener with monstrous cacophonies and uncompromising walls of noise. The imagery of BDN's releases largely employs skulls, bones, corpses, death and decay."     >

>>DOWNLOAD : Great Death

100blumen : In Floriculture There Is No Law! [2007]

01 The Herb (3:13)
02 Evil Seed (4:08)
03 Beat That Nazi Maggot (4:18)
04 The Flower They Come (5:49)
05 Mr.Sister (4:29)
06 Hardy Plant (4:41)
07 Kraut Bashing (2:26)
08 15druid V.11 (7:11)
09 Viva La Bomba (3:45)
10 Techno Blume (4:11)
11 Gymnosperms (4:08)
12 In Floriculture There Is No Law (3:50)
14 What Kind Of Man Are You [Alive] (3:48)
15 Hardy Plant [Asche Vs. Morgenstern Remix] (5:17)
16 The Flower They Come [Twinkle Remix] (3:24)
17 15druid [Nin Kuji Remix] (5:07)
77 Untitled (3:41)

"The image of a hand grenade covered with flowers gives the impression we’re dealing with explosive stuff here and explosive it surely is. 100Blumen is a project which has its roots in grindcore and punk but it is pure industrial noise on this debut album that gets released via Ant-Zen. Distorted industrial sounds, noise soundscapes and a loud beat are the main elements in the music of 100Blumen. The sound has the enchanting and hypnotising effect we know from Morgenstern and it has grooves comparable to the music of Asche."   >



Raison d'être : Après Nous Le Déluge [1992]

A1. Après Nous Le Déluge (Acte I)
A2. raison d'être
A3. The Final Wagon
A4. Moribund
B1. De Profundis
B2. Death Brightens With Sorrow
B3. Ignesco Comburo
B4. Memento Mori
B5. Après Nous Le Déluge (Acte II)

One of Peter Andersson's early releases.

>>DOWNLOAD : Après Nous Le Déluge

Ice Ages : Strike The Ground [1997]

01         A Dream As Real As Darkness (Part I) (2:45)
02         A Dream As Real As Darkness (Part II) (2:28)
03         Strike The Ground (7:37)
04         Time Of Dawn (5:05)
05         Endless Circle (3:25)
06         Shrink To Nothing (4:20)
07         Almost Invisible (6:32)
08         Trapped And Scared (7:36)
09         Dead But Wide Awake (3:50)
10         Darkened World (6:23)
11         Transparent Dreams (6:48)
12         Eternal Sleep (4:44)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
>>DOWNLOAD : part1 | part2

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sona Eact® : Chrome Injected Car Crash Rhythm Boxx [2003]

01 Chrome Injected Car Crash (Instrumental)
02 The Night We Killed The Computer

03 The Rototronic Approach Of Vertical Matters

04 Psychological Isn't The Right Word

05 Clip Your Leds & Lose Your Heads

06 We Bought Ourselves A Piece
07 The Preset Killerz
08 Chrome Injected (Original)
09 Dressed Up For Mixing / Nightvision 3 AM
10 (r)eakt, (r)estArt, And Push The Button Again

11 Your Toy Machinez

12 What's My Mothefucking Name

13 Disconnecting The Machine
14 Dumping The Machine (No More Pressure)

"Sona Eact is hardcore to the bone and the result is a mix of beats and intriguing sounds. It's vitiated enough to fascinate a whole CD, because in every song you will hear something that will surprise you between the monotone bass beats. Sometimes it's the almost tribal-like drum beat, but it's also sound of electronic wind and the siren/aeroplane. In the title song you will hear a female voice and that's a pleasant change if you compare this to the other instrumental violence."

>>DOWNLOAD : Rhythm Boxx

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