Thursday, April 2, 2009

Totakeke : The Things That Disappear When I Close My Eyes [2009]

01 The Past Forgotten
02 Disconnected Inside
03 Anterograde Amnesia
04 Permanent Note
05 Start from the Beginning  
06 Lost and Falling
07 The Future Imagined
08 The Things that Disappear When I Close My Eyes 
09 Contusions 
10 Patient HM 
11 Memoria 
12 Where I Belong
13 Re-Connected Inside

01 Pull the Plug (Mix by Totakeke) 
02 Ignorance (Mix by Totakeke)  
03 Anterograde (Mix by Pneumatic Detatch)
04 Permanent Note
     (Perspiration Mix by Zentriert Ins Antlitz)
05 Gone 
06 Lost and Falling (Descent Mix by Autoclav1.1)  
07 Can't Feel Time  
08 The Things that Disappear When I Close My Eyes 
     (Shattered Mix by Lucidstatic)
09 Contusions (Mix by Access to Arasaka) 
10 Patient HM (Mix by Flint Glass)
11 Memoria (Mix by Disharmony)
12 Buried is... (Where I Belong Mix by Totakeke)
13 Elekatota Thrhe Other Side of Things That

Totakeke is Synth-Etik's IDM-ish side project... Check it out.

DOWNLOAD : part1 | part2

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