Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Flint Glass : Circumsounds [2008]

01. Polygon - Gestern (Remix By Flint Glass)
02. Thermidor - Plenum Aquae (Remix By Flint Glass)
03. Eretsua - Travelling Light (Remix By Flint Glass)
04. Zonk't - Air Field (Remix By Flint Glass)
05. Shizuka- Les Esprits (Remix By Flint Glass)
06. Empusae - Beauty-Of-Decay (Remix By Flint Glass)
07. Suicide Inside - Angel (Remix By Flint Glass)
08. Prospero - Contagion & Rebirth (Remix By Flint Glass)
09. HIV+ - Havoc2027 (Remix By Flint Glass)
10. Disharmony - Sacred Truth (Remix By Flint Glass)
11. HIV+ - Doors Of Perception (Remix By Flint Glass)
12. Displacer - Fueled (Remix By Flint Glass)
13. SCI-FI Industries - Questions And Answers (Remix By Flint Glass)
14. Tzolk'in - Zotz (Remix By Flint Glass)
15. OTX - Blood For Oil (Remix By Flint Glass)

"The music of Flint Glass especially appeals to the imagination and it will not be much of a surprise that Flint Glass is a much sought after remixer for other projects. On Circumsounds the best remixes of this talented French electronic project have been compiled for the first time. 

Thus you’ll hear a remake of the ‘Air Field’ track from the French experimental Zonk’t project, a remix of ‘Beauty of Decay’ from the befriended Belgian ritual-ambient industrial project Empusae, a ripped apart interpretation of ‘Angel’ from the industrial project Suicide Inside, two remixes of tracks from HIV+, with a remix of ‘Doors of Perception’ and the successful track ‘Havoc 2027’. 

Furthermore you will find remixes of tracks from the dark ambient project Thermidor, the experimental IDM/electronic project Eretsua, the French industrial project Shizuka, the Canadian IDM-electro-industrial act Prospero, the solid Slovakian EBM/IDM project Disharmony, the phenomenal IDM project Displacer, the Empusae vs Flint Glass revelation Tzolk’in, the adventurous Portuguese project Sci Fi Industries, and the French electronic alchemist OTX. You will notice on this release how Flint Glass has managed to integrate its typical enchanting sound in the various remixes from this musically diverse selection of artists."        >

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