Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cenotype : Origins Unfold [2009]

Existing somewhere in that undefined region of sound known as  
industrial music, Cenotype is the personal expression of a  
single individual known as Leonard Bogatch. Also known as Lenny  
B or DJ Wintermute, Lenny is a long-standing member of the  
NYC/New Jersey-area industrial scene. Raised in the poisonous
sprawl of depressed cities such as Bayonne and Jersey City,  
Lenny cut his teeth as a dancefloor DJ at several venues around  
the region, and was inspired by acts such as SPK, Klinik, Skinny
Puppy, Dive, Synapscape and Psychic TV to create his own  
Influenced by the first and second 'power noise' waves of the
mid-late 1990s, Cenotype now seeks to rise above the growing  
mass of imitators spawned by that movement to create an identity  
all its own, incorporating elements of death industrial and  
power electronics while staying true to his origins.
With the 2007 debut full length CD release, Origins (Hive  
Records) receiving positive reactions all over the world, and
performances alongside some of the industrial scene's most  
respected artists, Cenotype was established as a force to be  
reckoned with.  
The recent addition of talented electronic musician Clive  
Reinhold means Cenotype is now evolving into a two-man project  
both live and in the studio, currently preparing to unleash a  
second full length album some time later in 2009.
In preparation for the next phase of his musical career, Lenny  
has formally unveiled his Origins Productions imprint, and has
produced the label's first official release in collaboration  
with Lee Bartow (AKA Leech) of Navicon Torture Technologies.  
This very special release will be available in a limited edition  
of 250 numbered copies. A black-on-black CDR collecting 15
amazing remixes, and a 3inch CDR featuring an extended remix by  
Navicon Torture Technologies, are packaged together in a  
hand-assembled chipboard CD case, stamped with the Cenotype /
Origins logo.

01 Skip Trace (Remixed by Prometheus Burning)
02 Think and it Will Be Vs. Pieces Vs. Skip Trace (Correlated and Abused by Synnack)
03 Unearthed (Remixed by Tonikom)
04 The Mind Wanders (to the Point of New Return by Booty Jazzhands)
05 She's Dead...Requiem (Remixed by Autoclav1.1)
06 Pieces (Remix by ATEK)
07 Save Me (Remixed by Clive Reinhold)  
08 The Mind Wanders (Torches from A Distance Remix by the Panic Lift)
09 Unearthed (Remixed by Silent_Command)
10 Save Me (Destroy Your Savers Remix by Last Days of Sex)
11 Skip Trace (Remix by 100blumen)
12 Pieces (Shrapnel Mix by Caustic)
13 Save Me (There Will Be No Saving Remix by ESA)
14 Unearthed (Remix by C/A/T)  
15 Unearth Me (Save Me Vs. Unearthed Mash-Up by Iszoloscope)
01 Stagger (Skip Trace Mix by Navicon Torture Technologies)

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