Wednesday, April 8, 2009

In Slaughter Natives : Resurrection [2004] | Repost

01         Behind My Walls (3:39)
02         You Are The Dead (5:42)
03         Ashes Of Angels (4:41)
04         Tearing My Life Away (5:12)
05         As My Shield (6:05)
06         Your Breed (7:11)
07         The Vulture (4:58)
08         Anger Are You With Me, Follow My Steps (5:25)
09         Blood Testural (6:20)
10         And You Still Are The Dead (4:06)

"In Slaughter Natives is the piooner band in the symphonic industrial field. Their music is a mix of heavy electronics, martial percussions, religious chants, orchestral samples and gruesome demonic vocals."          >

"One of the first artists at the now distinguished Cold Meat Industry label was In Slaughter Natives. In the late ‘80s this artist released his first records through Staalplaat and Cold Meat Industry. Years later In Slaughter Natives still belongs to the absolute top of the neo-classical industrial music. The compositions he threw into the world can’t be compared to anything else. After a ominous intro track ‘Behind My Walls’ the first majestic composition starts: ‘You Are the Dead’. This is a solemn, neo-classical composition with industrial sounds, percussion and violin, in the best In Slaughter Natives tradition."     >


>>DOWNLOAD : Resurrection

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