Friday, April 3, 2009

Cities Last Broadcast : The Cancelled Earth [2009]

01. Cornerstone
02. Antenna
03. Bascule Bridge
04. Railroom
05. Deadpost
06. Cella
07. Architecton

Pär Boström, the man behind the acclaimed project KAMMARHEIT offers us a new and unexpected entity under the name Cities Last Broadcast. The Cancelled Earth album is the result of almost a decade of sporadic field recordings mainly recorded in airports, train stations, various tunnels and under numerous bridges all greatly polished and turned into a refined mass of desolate ambience and subtle hypnosis all engulfed in Pär's legendary signature sound. Uniquely packaged in a gatefold book like format with rich and singular artwork made by Boström himself. Through Cities Last Broadcast the buildings themselves will gather to whisper about their inscrutable story.

DOWNLOAD : The Cancelled Earth

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