Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cenotype : Origins [2007]

01  Sinking (10:43)
02  Save Me (4:40)
03  Pieces (5:38)
04  Skip Trace (6:49)
05  Think It And It Will Be (8:10)
06  The Mind Wanders (5:24)
07  Is (6:26)
08  She's Dead... Requiem (6:22)
09  Justice (9:09)
      Vocals, Lyrics By, Programmed By [Additional Sound Design] - Leech 
10  Unearthed (5:12)

The sound on Origins is twofold, with dark ambience, such as you can hear in the ten-minute long dark ambient track ‘Sinking’, as well as with technoid industrial beats, but these two sides do form a coherent nicely blended whole. On the one hand the music grabs back to the early Ant-Zen sound, think Imminent Starvation with regards to atmosphere and on the other hand you’ll hear the typical US rhythmic industrial, with merciless loud gabber related beats such as we know of for example Terrorfakt or Prometheus Burning. This rhythmic side seems to be influenced by the works of Dirk Iven’s Sonar as well.


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