Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sona Eact® : Chrome Injected Car Crash Rhythm Boxx [2003]

01 Chrome Injected Car Crash (Instrumental)
02 The Night We Killed The Computer

03 The Rototronic Approach Of Vertical Matters

04 Psychological Isn't The Right Word

05 Clip Your Leds & Lose Your Heads

06 We Bought Ourselves A Piece
07 The Preset Killerz
08 Chrome Injected (Original)
09 Dressed Up For Mixing / Nightvision 3 AM
10 (r)eakt, (r)estArt, And Push The Button Again

11 Your Toy Machinez

12 What's My Mothefucking Name

13 Disconnecting The Machine
14 Dumping The Machine (No More Pressure)

"Sona Eact is hardcore to the bone and the result is a mix of beats and intriguing sounds. It's vitiated enough to fascinate a whole CD, because in every song you will hear something that will surprise you between the monotone bass beats. Sometimes it's the almost tribal-like drum beat, but it's also sound of electronic wind and the siren/aeroplane. In the title song you will hear a female voice and that's a pleasant change if you compare this to the other instrumental violence."

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