Saturday, April 4, 2009

[ORGANIC_CAGE] : Electro Masochistic Powernoise [2007]

01 immunenutrition 
02 kill your tv 
03 noisebleed 
04 programm interrupt 
05 desert of bones 
06 power apparatus 
07 dead body grinder 
08 paracetamol 
09 too much caffeine will kill you

"Time Kasten is the brainchild behind this North-German project and he offers musically a quite comparable sound outfit like you’ve would expect from acts signed to the ProNoize label. FABRIK C, XOTOX or some acts of the Vendetta-Music label like THE PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF EUROPE can be easily thrown in as possible references... Harsh-Tech assault driven by distorted and overdriven drum patterns, weird synth manipulations and some integrated voice samples... [ORGANIC_CAGE] – a name to keep in mind, if you look out for a quality addition, in case this genre is your preference."                                                                 >

When I first listened to this, I was blown away... This is what contemporary Power Noise is all about: powerful AND noisy!  If you like Xotox's school of harsh Power Noise, you'll like this release.


>>DOWNLOAD : Electro Masochistic Powernoise

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