Thursday, April 30, 2009

Navicon Torture Technologies : The Gospels Of The Gash [2009]

Book I - The Bridge Of Ordeals
1-01 As The Great Bell Tolls, The Schism Opens, Revealing A World Of Birds (1:55)
1-02 The Noose And The Clawhammer (10:04)
1.03 Mind Is A Prison. (4:40)
1-04 Vortex (9:06)
1-05 They Will All Die Beneath My Hands (6:49)
1-06 Evil Never Recedes (6:59)
1-07 My Whole Life Is A Suicide Note. (7:38)
1-08 23 Eyeless Women (6:11)
1-09 Shred Of Remorse (6:40)
1-10 The First Broken Heart (9:03)

Book II - The Space Between Death And Resurrection
2-01 The Collision Of Sensuality And Death (8:07)
2-02 Prescience (6:12)
2-03 Self-Contempt As An Occupation (8:09)
2-04 Hopelessness Is The Greatest Aphrodesiac (9:47)
2-05 Soliloquy (7:48)
2-06 Pantyhose And Lighter Fluid At The Foot Of A Shallow Grave (10:29)
2-07 In Suffering There Is Beauty (9:07)
2-08 Human Rodent (9:43)
2-09 Pest Hole (3:37)
2-10 Benediction (5:56)

The final and definitive double CD release from NTT, The Gospels
of the Gash chronicles one man's journey into a world devoid of
light or hope. This is a place where the air is alive with the stink of pain
and the beating of great black wings.
Two two discs compile material from a slew of limited releases
from 2005-2007, as well as newer tracks recorded specifically for this release.
As a result, Gospels of the Gash is unquestionably the most
complete NTT recording to date and nothing short of a monumental
A culmination of the best aspects of past releases combined into
an epic odyssey of apocalyptic atmospheres, brutish frequencies,
harrowing darkness, and razor sharp vocals.
The Gospels of the Gash includes collaborations with Isomer and
Steel Hook Prostheses and was mastered by
Packaged in a two-tray DVDigipak with layout and artwork by
Leech and Jorden Haley, this release is a fitting funerary rite
for NTT.



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