Friday, April 24, 2009

Winterkälte : Drum ' N ' Noise [1999]

1         Rebound Effect vs Sustainability (5:45)
2         Rebound Effect vs Sustainability (7:15)
3         Structure 04 (5:29)
4         Tropical Timber Trade (6:52)
5         The Fate Of The Sea (11:52)
6         Do Not Vote For Industry! (20:30)
7         Global Deforestation (Amazon Rain Forest Version) (9:22)

"The best track on the disk, The Fate of the Sea, is next. And my GOD, what a track this is! In my opinion, this song is industrial music embodied - long, harsh, evil, ominous music that puts you in a damn aggressive mood. Starting off with some ambient soundscape work, which is quickly taken care of by my favorite percussion loop of the year. Harsh clangs and slow, pounding beats set the stage for a 12 minute musical assault!...  Overall, Winterkalte's latest is an essential album for any industrial fan. Immeasurably harsh and somehow sounding really unlike anything else I have heard (it's too "nice" to be straight up power-electronics and too "un-IDM" to be compared to PAL or Imminent Starvation). Compared to Structures of Destruction, Drum 'n Noise reveals a much more complex song-structure and a smoother, better sound overall."                                     >Re:mote Induction

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