Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sephiroth : Cathedron [1999]

1         Wolftribes (4:55)
2         Cathedron (12:52)
2.1         Spell Of The Eastern Desert
2.2         The City Of No Name
2.3         Bone Drums
2.4         Dream And The River
3         The Moongate (7:31)
4         Abyssanctum (6:44)
4.1         Awakening Of Lilith
4.2         Night Demon Of Late December
4.3         Churches And Asylums Rests Under Eternal Ice
5         Heliopolis (4:41)
6         Dark Father (8:02

Ground breaking when it was first released on Cold Meat Industry back in 1999, this album stands for the best qualities of the infamous Swedish label, the creativity of which is matched by its quality which is a rarety by itself. I myself admire this release because it has musical elements that I truly love: dark synth melodies, thunderous drums, industrial noises, clanging metals, ethereal voices. All of these are rolled into one album. Consequently, this is not an average dark ambient/industrial album. This IS a unique masterpiece....



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