Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sephiroth : Draconian Poetry [2005]

1         The Call Of The Serpent (6:21)
2         Dark Garden (4:57)
3         Uthul Khulture (4:18)
4         Therasia (8:38)
5         A Map Of Eden Before The Storms (8:56)
6         The Clock Of Distant Dreams (6:25)
7         Now Night Her Course Began (9:03)

"After a six long years of nothingness Ulf Söderberg breathes live into the behemoth that is Sephiroth with the unveiling of the hugely impressive ‘Draconian Poetry’ album. Comprising of immensely dark and malevolent ambient soundscapes, that slowly crawl through the shadowed recess of your soul. Their form, almost organic in nature unfurls itself around the listener and creates a sound that is both delicately haunting yet almost overwhelming in its stature. The depth and consistency of these pitch-black ambient compositions has a very ritualistic edge to their delivery and the aural that slowly ebbs forth from them is so imposing and powerfully hypnotic that you find it all to easy to become lost amongst the multiple layers that they consist of. However what makes this enchantingly un-illuminated album even more compelling is the use of pounding drums that rammed into the haunting soundcapes to create an immensely forceful sound that thunders forth form the speakers. These huge drum patterns produce a very tribal, almost ritualistic presence that pushes the depth and intensity of this already superb dark ambience album even further, whilst all the time being enveloped by these seemingly organic slices of sounds. The drums drive themselves forth with a thunderous rapture before being pulled backing to the dark recesses of Sephiroth’s shadowy world. It’s hard to try and imagine how a composer like Sephiroth can create such stunningly dark yet compellingly creative compositions that are quite simply breathtaking to experience, yet he does with a seemingly effortless approach and delivery through out the entirety of ‘Draconian Poetry’. If you have any calling at all to the dark-ambient genre, then this album is really must be experienced as it is without a doubt one of the most impressive pitch-black and hauntingly spectacular releases to grace the genre."         >

Industrial-strength tribal drumming meets dark ambience... Some reviewers tended to compare this album with Sephiroth's first album Cathedron, therefore they had high expectations of it and were sorely disappointed when they were not met.   I, on the other hand, had not listened to any of his albums  therefore I had no such expectations or prejudice. And this was the first Sephiroth album that I listened to and I was impressed by its creativity, uniqueness and quality. While Cathedron is impressive in its own way, this album is also of high quality, albeit stylistically a bit different.



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