Thursday, April 2, 2009

Diary of Dreams : (if) [2009]


CD 1 :  (if)

1-1         The Wedding (5:47)
1-2         Requim 4.21 (5:31)
1-3         Odyssey Asylum (4:39)
1-4         Poison Breed (4:50)
1-5         Wahn!Sinn? (4:41)
1-6         The Colors Of Grey (6:40)
1-7         Choir Hotel (6:17)
1-8         The Chain (5:04)
1-9         King Of Nowhere (5:13)
1-10         21 Grams Of Nothing (4:04)
1-11         Mind Over Matter (7:00)
1-12         Kingdom Of Greed (5:18)

CD 2  : G(if)t

2-1         Momentum (5:01)
2-2         Regicide (4:19)
2-3         The Saint (5:13)
2-4         Never Tell The Widow (6:35)

Diary of Dreams is a unique band in that they fuse various genres/styles into their music. Elements of Gothic Rock, Synth Pop, EBM, Industrial, Ambient, and even Classical can be heard in varying degrees in their songs from various albums. Their innovative approach to music making is also accompanied by beautiful, thought-provoking lyrics. On average, their albums are always of high quality compared to most other bands in the Goth scene.  This is the band that almost single-handedly redefines what the term Darkwave means. Of course, the term itself means different things to different people. However, these days when a new band's music is categorized as Darkwave, many (if not most) people who are into the scene will associate it with their music. Theirs is what modern-day Darkwave is all about. Many artists try to copy their style but most fail to achieve their quality and style.

Unlike DoD's previous album Nekrolog 43, this album is not a concept album. After listening to it, I can see why. This album is less electronic or experimental than the previous one. It can be said as more Gothic Rock or some might say 'more mainstream' - in the Goth sense of course. The electronics is noticeably less prominent. In Nekrolog 43 there are some songs that can be categorized as Industrial due to the use of the genre's elements/styles. On the other hand, none of the songs in this new album can be categorized as Industrial or even electronic. The overall quality is still good although not as good as the previous 2 albums. At the end of the day, this album is still better than most Gothic Rock albums released these days. The first song, The Wedding, is my fave out of this release. 


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