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Letzte Ausfahrt Leben : Without Control [2016]

ARTIST.... Letzte Ausfahrt Leben
TITLE....... Without Control
STYLE...... Industrial, Rhythmic Noise
LABEL...... Raumklang Music
QUALITY..... 320 kbps/Joint-Stereo
COUNTRY... Germany

1. From the Inside (4:34)
2. Belief (5:34)
3. Fragment (5:08)
4. Burn Out (2:38)
5. Monotonie (4:20)
6. Desert Flower (5:28)
7. Without Control (5:30)
8. Obsession (5:41)
9. Deja Vu Effect (6:32)
10. I Am Empty (4:58)

 Letzte Ausfahrt Leben, female-powered act from Germany, presents her sophomore album for Raumklang – and it comes as quite a surprise: The musical scope is much extended, successfully fusing the repetitive rhythm noise of her well-received debut with a wealth of ambience, downbeats and subtly nuanced composition. Female artists are regrettably a rare occurrence in hard rhythmic music, but Nina has established herself in the scene properly as a devoted producer, promoting herself and friends via her own netlabel. In 2014 her Raumklang debut “Mirrage” (and the accompanying remix album) propelled her into the spotlight and got her a number of live bookings as well.

 On “Without Control” slow, crackling rhythms seething with distortion like venomous serpents meet dark cinematic atmospheres for a unique interpretation of the rhythm noise genre. It all has a very personal handwriting, a distinct female subtlety. Nina uses prominent sounds to brand her tracks: Organic, ritual downbeats on “From the Inside”, oriental sounds on “Fragment” and “Desert Flower” and plaintive strings on the Enigma-tic “Obsession”, interacting smoothly with the coarseness of “Burn Out” or “Monotonie”. Abrasive, mechanical beats dominate the title track or “Déjà vu Effect”, a brisk crossover of industrial and doomcore.

 “Without Control” is one of those rare albums that manage to draw from a variety of influences but combine those into a coherent, immersive listening experience. It constantly oscillates between the enjoyable and the unsettling, and remains enthralling throughout!


Sunday, May 29, 2016

Noisuf-X : # Kicksome[b]ass (2CD) [2016]

ARTIST.... Noisuf-X
TITLE....... # Kicksome[b]ass (2CD)
STYLE...... Electro, Industrial, Aggrotech, Rhythmic Noise
LABEL...... ProNoize
QUALITY.... 320kbps / Joint-Stereo
COUNTRY... Germany

CD 1
01. Big Bang V2.0 (3:49)
02. Count To 7 (3:53)
03. Killer Dub (3:33)
04. I Kick Your Fucking Teeth In (3:29)
05. Son Of A Bitch (4:24)
06. Go Fuck Yourself (3:46)
07. PSD [Problem-Solution-Destroy] (3:49)
08. Let´s Rock (3:37)
09. Kick My Ass (4:13)
10. In Your Face (3:35)
11. Spieltanz (3:51)
12. Fuck It! (3:10)
13. This Means War (3:19)

CD 2
01. Play It Loud [Final] (3:39)
02. Silence (3:53)
03. Krachzischbumm (3:52)
04. Be A Doer (3:37)
05. Not Human (3:54)
06. Let´s Rock [Video Edit] (2:41)
07. Blow This Pain Out Of Me (3:45)

 Noisuf-X doesn’t really change the successful sound formula consisting of hard-banging kicks, aggressive bass lines, rough electronic treatments, pure trance arrangements and multiple samplings. The main evolution with the previous albums is the empowering industrial touch of the work, which has been mixed with the powerful kicks. Jan L hasn’t reinvent Noisuf-X, but he once more takes us by surprise unleashing an explosive sonic cocktail.

The sound is heavy and constantly accomplished with dirty sound treatments. The title of the album clearly indicates what his sound is all about! This is stomping music for dancefloors and maybe the album revealing the biggest number of potential hits. There’s a constant power and a succession of outstanding songs. The samplings are once more very important and an essential element of the album. You clearly hear that the samplings have been threatened with care and that they’ve been added at the right place.

This album is a solid and impressive sonic bridge between techno- and industrial music while a lot of other elements can be noticed in between. I’m referring to the multiple filtered sequences and more psychedelic passages.

The album features 13 songs for a new riot while the 2nd disc is an EP featuring 7 extra tracks. I can’t say that there’s a difference between both discs. Noisuf-X simply moves on a merciless way and once again excels in sonic manipulations carried by solid beats.


Morbus M. : Fight Or Die [2016]

 ARTIST.... Morbus M.
TITLE....... Fight Or Die
STYLE...... Rhythmic Noise, IDM, Industrial
LABEL...... Hands Productions
QUALITY..... 320kbps / Joint-Stereo
COUNTRY... Germany

01. Burning Mind - 5:14
02. NBK - 5:27
03. 5000 - 4:34
04. Calling Down - 5:24
05. Fight Or Die - 5:07
06. What You See - 4:50
07. Inside Out - 5:18
08. Deep Line - 6:09
09. System Of Silence - 4:57
10. Sad About - 4:55
11. Deep Line (Deeper Rmx By the_empath) - 6:57
12. Took A Picture - 4:57
13. The Day After - 4:31

 It’s taken a full six years for Rene Klimaczewski to complete and release this, his second album.  Comprising of thirteen tracks, one of which is a remix by The Empath (one half of label mates Trackologists); we have web of cinematic dystopian pads, with crunchy distorted beats and vocal sampling from various sources.

Rather than rely on evocative harmonies, Morbus M hit from a slightly more obscure off-key angle, with tracks such as ‘5000’, sounding more in touch with long gone artists such as the immense GGFH.

Occasionally dipping his toe into Powernoise is something this artist would actually benefit from avoiding, as this is one of his weaker traits (as on the generic ‘Calling Down). Where Klimaczewski excels is when he turns his attention to atmosphere and brooding electronic bass lines; and luckily there is more than enough of this on display throughout this release.

With the odd flutter of Trip-Hop tempered with an overdriven squelch in key areas, this allows for a patter of electronica to seep in and bring a touch of modernity to the proceedings (coming off a touch ‘Fade to Grey’ in the background of ‘Sad About).

‘Fight or Die’ is a story of contrasting styles; and a lot of the album slots in well with the title, with this mix of genres leading to a release that is at war with itself.  With respect though, when the tracks are in full flow, there is a lot on this latest opus to smile about, regardless of the warring factions that simply won’t meld; and with a simple ironing out, this could lead to something special in the future.


Iszoloscope : False Vacuum [2016]

Artist:    Iszoloscope
Title of Album:    False Vacuum
Genre:    Industrial, Rhythmic Noise
Year of Release:    2016

Country: Canada

01    Awe Gratitude Rapture    
02    Chronophage    
03    Spectral Inverter    
04    Experimenting With Truth (Solve)   
05    Faint Negative Charge   
06    Vacuum Metastability   
07    Relevance Outside Logic    
08    Absolute And Eternal Moral Nighttime   
09    Experimenting With Truth (Coagula)

Since the beginning, a distinguishing feature of Iszoloscope has been the addition of intelligent and unexpected details to the basic ingredients that industrial music is known for. For the seventh album False Vacuum, Yann Faussurier raises the bar in a most astounding way.

 Within these nine tracks Iszoloscope is establishing ties between a myriad of different styles ranging from solemn orchestral constructs and rich dark ambient soundscapes to sequenced hard-hitting technoid industrial rhythms and fast remorseless drum and bass beat structures. Mighty pulsating sub basses and loony melodic curls, hypnotic percussion and carefully placed bursts of electronics evoke highly energetic atmospheres of power and tension that resonate inside the listener's mind.

 Accompanied by many personal changes it took Iszolocsope nearly four years to complete this opus, and after taking a deep view everyone will agree it was worth waiting for.


Wieloryb : Semantik [2016]

ARTIST.... Wieloryb
TITLE....... Semantik
STYLE...... Industrial, Rhythmic Noise
LABEL...... Hands Productions
QUALITY..... 320 kbps/Joint-Stereo
COUNTRY... Poland

 1. Semantik (5:07)
2. Statistik (3:19)
3. Solar Sides (5:39)
4. Crash Report (Dance Mix) (7:40)
5. Behi Jessir (44 Second Long Remix) (11:52)
6. Sensis (4:35)
7. Umbro (3:22)
8. Symbiotik (4:12)
9. Symantik (4:33)
10. Mona Liza 3.0 (3:33)
11. Organ (4:17)
12. Syntetik (4:54)
13. Seretik (5:00)
14. Newo (Wieloryb vs. Selektronik) (4:40)

 Things have evolved somewhat in the Wieloryb camp.  With a cleaner production to some of his work, the tell-tale crunches of his frantic beat-play now have the desired kick and punch that was needed to carry his drones and tone work (for the most part).

Occasionally though there is a kicking up of dirt and grime where necessary; and this works well within the dark dance elements that ride ‘Solar Sides’ and ‘Crash Report’; although the latter could do with a bit of cleaning up and on more than one occasion his production levels drop a little too much on the other standard distorted beat tracks.

Aside from this, there is more than enough intrigue on the album to make it concise as a whole. ‘Semantik’ covers a lot of ground and varies the old school Industrial sounds enough to break the repetition, bringing the styles in cycles that play out in stages along the way.

Once again however, Wieloryb are another act that are not evolving enough to send shivers down my spine.  I enjoyed previous affairs, respecting the genre with which they were designed for and basing my reviews on that scene alone.  As the years go by though, we all deserve a little more to part with our hard earned cash for; and whilst this is once again a steady and solid romp with the odd welcome spark of something new, the scene itself is leaving the generic beat behind and looking for more experimentation.



Le Moderniste : Desistere Mortem Timere [2016]

ARTIST.... Le Moderniste
TITLE....... Desistere Mortem Timere
STYLE...... Industrial, Rhythmic Noise
LABEL...... Hands Productions
QUALITY..... 320kbps / Joint-Stereo
COUNTRY... Belgium

1. That May Occur (6:15)
2. Tout n'est que neant (6:51)
3. Misericorde (3:54)
4. Ritual I - Carnis (4:08)
5. La beaute nait dans la mort (7:26)
6. De Meo Interitu (6:38)
7. Ritual II - Viscus (4:07)
8. Sombre dessein (4:27)
9. Filth Cleans the Blind (6:13)
10. Ritual III - Parabola (4:56)
11. Liber Diaboli (6:40)
12. Pestis (6:10)
13. Ritual IV - Animus (5:28)

 “Stop fearing death” - Belgium producer Laurent Delogne will surprise many listeners with his radical reinvention of Le Moderniste’s style on the mysteriously titled “Desistere Mortem Timere”: The tough industrial rhythms are reduced to putrefied debris, instead this is almost classical death industrial, a marriage of pitch black ambience with the aggression of power electronics – albeit in a contemporary production, thus providing an intense listening experience, and real hellride through the evils that men do. Following the rhythmic impact of his 2013 HANDS release “Too Rough Is Never Enough“, Le Moderniste dives deep into the darkness with this follow-up. Starting with crackle and hiss, “Desistere Mortem Timere” fathoms the realms of death industrial, with throbbing bass structures, desolate ambience and walls of distortion. Nevertheless, it’s primarily the blackness of the bottomless pit impregnating the entire 74 minutes of “Desistere Mortem Timere”, an expression of tortured souls, and one of the most uncompromisingly sinister releases on HANDS for a while



Saturday, May 28, 2016

Plastic Noise Experience : Push And Punish (Bonus Tracks Version) [2016]

01. Control (Vinyl Mix) (3:13)
02. Mercy (Vinyl Mix) (3:14)
03. Last Call (Vinyl Mix) (5:08)
04. Chapter Five (Vinyl Mix) (4:26)
05. Feel Me (Vinyl Mix) (3:05)
06. Therapy (Vinyl Mix) (3:10)
07. Push And Punish (Vinyl Mix) (4:30)
08. Chapter Four (Vinyl Mix) (2:07)
09. Electronic Bodies (Vinyl Mix) (4:30)
10. Communication Breakdown (Vinyl Mix) (4:25)
11. Chapter Six (Vinyl Mix) (4:40)
12. Push And Punish (Orange Sector Remix) (2:51)
13. Push And Punish (Citric Acid Remix) (4:54)
14. Push And Punish (Nordarr Remix) (2:28)
15. Push And Punish (T.H.Industry Remix) (3:29)
16. Push And Punish (Akalotz Remix) (3:20)
17. Push And Punish (Die6 Remix) (4:30)
18. Last Call (MRDTC Remix) (4:32)
19. Last Call (Solar Powered Vampyre Remix) (4:58)
20. (Remote) Control (Implant Remix) (4:01)
21. Control (T.A.N.K. Remix) (3:30)
22. Last Call (White Trash Wankers Remix) (2:44)
23. Electronic Bodies (Mezire Remix) (3:49)
24. Electronic Bodies (Astma Remix) (4:30)
25. Chapter Five (IT Remix) (4:03)

Titled after the band’s latest club hit, “Push and Punish” displays the German cult-act’s ultimate aggressive sonic assault made of ripping basslines, hammering beats, fast dark electro sequences, powerful angry male vocals and carrying electronic melodies. Enjoy this sonic EBM punishment at maximum volume!

 6 additional exclusive remixes are made available on bandcamps: reworks by IMPLANT, IT, MEZIRE, T.A.N.K., ASTMA and WHITE TRASH WANKERS.



VA : Elektroanschlag 2016 [2016]

1. 23:31 - Workflow (3:57)
2. Disharmony - Fragment of Time (4:06)
3. Dogpop - Endzeitcabaret (4:00)
4. Ex.Order - Like Yourselves (V.Ea16) (3:46)
5. Flesh Feat. the Horrorist - Hotter than Hell (5:37)
6. Geistform - Tau (4:52)
7. Haus Am Rand - Streck (3:48)
8. Heimstatt Yipotash - Putsch (German Bullets) (5:09)
9. Mobthrow & Subheim - Memory Fail (4:50)
10. Mortaja - Esbat (4:17)
11. Myeyesgrowdarker - Psycho Lullaby (5:06)
12. Sonar - A Matter of Time (No Mind Rmx) (3:53)
13. Synapscape - A Big Hiss (4:37)
14. Tarsus - C'thul Who (4:25)
15. Tokee - Leah 0.1 (4:07)
16. Wuornos Aileen - Notes Towards A Mental Breakdown (4:10)
17. Zero Absolu - Minute Butterfly (3:5)

17 tracks (11 exclusive, 4 yet unreleased) by all artists performing at elektroanschlag festival 2016 in altenburg/germany. feat. disharmony, dogpop, ex.order, flesh, geistform, haus am rand, heimstatt yipotash, mobthrow, mortaja, my eyes grow darker, sonar, subheim, synapscape, tarsus, tokee, wuornos aileen, zero absolu


Greyhound ‎: Inner Noise Level [2016]

01 – Loss
02 – Moving Machines
03 – Lead the Way
04 – Inner Noise Level
05 – Insect
06 – Pulse State
07 – Pure Menace
08 – Cold Floor
09 – Candle
10 – Crash
11 – Illusion of Freedom
12 – Rising Anger
13 – Free
14 – Flesh
15 – Come to Rest
16 – Right Here

With their sixth album for HANDS Greyhound manage to stay true to their purebred rhythm 'n noise approach and yet take a surprisingly serene turn: The noise level is not only a set reality it is perceived on the inside instigated by 16 tracks that are stripped down to their essentials stubbornly repetitive and deadly efficient. Tapping deep into the consciousness of the genre this album is adequately described as sounding old school albeit in a contemporary crushing production. Tune in and re-calibrate your inner noise level! After 15 years on the scene having shared the festival stages with all the big names of the rhythm 'n noise circuit its fair enough to count Greyhound among them. Also its perfectly legitimate for Greyhound to stray from the trademark unmistakable wall of noise sound in its pure form and allow for some reminiscence: On Inner Noise Level you may well discover suggestions of the galvanizing looped sound and analogue grit of Esplendor Geometrico (Inner Noise Level Crash Pulse State Candle) or the exacerbated high frequencies of the early Rephlex Records style (Cold Floor). You may also indulge in gritty bass riffs (Pure Menace) klinikal electro sounds (Free) and pure moshpit agitation (Moving Machines Right Here). Although appearing decidedly more minimal than the noise-heavy predecessor Prototype Greyhounds new offering remains truly Greyhound so there is no dabbling with artsy breaks or melodies as such: Inner Noise Level is nearly 80 minutes of pure unadulterated driving and energetic rhythm 'n noise with all the experience and passion to keep that sound alive!


Friday, May 20, 2016

Synapscape: Rhythm Age [2015]

Release Name: Synapscape-Rhythm_Age-2015-FWYH
Artist: Synapscape
Album: Rhythm Age
Genre: Industrial
Year: 2015
Tracks: 13
Duration: 01:00:55
Size: 108.04 MB 

  1. Synapscape – Rhythm – 3:59 (217 kbps , 6.18 MB)
  2. Synapscape – Moon – 4:19 (271 kbps , 8.34 MB)
  3. Synapscape – Loop – 3:27 (253 kbps , 6.23 MB)
  4. Synapscape – Ufure – 4:55 (234 kbps , 8.25 MB)
  5. Synapscape – Fonk – 4:44 (255 kbps , 8.62 MB)
  6. Synapscape – Them – 5:24 (249 kbps , 9.62 MB)
  7. Synapscape – Fields – 5:31 (258 kbps , 10.15 MB)
  8. Synapscape – Phos – 4:10 (224 kbps , 6.66 MB)
  9. Synapscape – Earth – 5:24 (266 kbps , 10.25 MB)
  10. Synapscape – Ways – 4:33 (244 kbps , 7.93 MB)
  11. Synapscape – Rank – 4:02 (248 kbps , 7.15 MB)
  12. Synapscape – Seat – 5:58 (230 kbps , 9.79 MB)
  13. Synapscape – Sol – 4:39 (266 kbps , 8.85 MB)
After 4 years, we finally have the 10th album from the duo known as Synapscape. Tim Kniep and Philipp Munch have created a 13 track album of explorations across the range of electronic rhythm and texture. Being as much an experimental album as it is one of electronic or IDM, it proved to be a real labour of love, with as much, or more allegedly left on the cutting room floor as on the album itself.

“Rhythm” starts off the set, and has an interesting mix of demonically-affected voice and  industrial rhythms. It’s a quite hardcore start to an album, any album, but a strong track nonetheless.

The mix of electronics and complex rhythms is highly polished, even when the beats are quite “dirty” (by this I mean processed, with lots of effects). The amount of work incorporated is obvious, as barely a note is unnecessary. “Ufure” is a great example of this – pounding beats with a layer of smooth keys over the top, both painful and soothing at the same time. “Fields” does a similar thing with the vocals, the amount of effects letting the vocals breathe, yet remaining still highly distorted.

Not all tracks work for me. “Loop” is a little too distorted, especially with the vocals, which barely go beyond noise. “Rank” also misses the mark with its overuse of pitch-bending on the synth line. “Seat” doesn’t do it for me either I’m afraid.

“Moon” is probably my favourite track. It zings along with the pace and power of a train, yet remains captivating with all its complexities. “Phos” has a delightful creeping quality to it too.

Overall, there is plenty to like about this album – it is well-crafted, inventive and interesting. Though a process of editing has been applied diligently throughout the album, a couple less songs would really make this something.


Karjalan Sissit : …Want You Dead (2015)

Label: Cyclic Law ‎– 74th Cycle
Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition
Country: Canada
Released: April 2015
Genre: Electronic
Style: Industrial

1. Kantapää Lapiossa
2. Vittumainen Yksinäisyys
3. 1974
4. Firman Isoin Puliukko
5. Läpi Elämän Helvetin
6. Sairaus.Katkeruus.Kuolema
7. Totaalinen Kaaos
8. Suga En Kalja O Somna In

Now 6 years since their last opus, we present to you the new masterpiece from one of Sweden’s most notorious act. So, Karjalan Sissit wants you dead, and after going through these new tracks you might not cease to exist but will definitely feel the blow and sheer brutality these new tracks exude. Intense, bitter and heavier than ever, this new work is to us the epitome of the Karjalan Sissit sound. It’s all still there, the pounding metallic percussions, deep angst-ridden atmospheric passages and all is held together by Make Pesonen’s angrier than ever vocals. Karjalan Sissit is back, and more pissed off then ever, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

• CD Edition of 1000 copies in 4 panel Digipack. 8 Tracks. Running Time 42:00
• LP Edition of 300 copies in Gold Vinyl. 8 Tracks. Running Time 42:00 - Co-Produced with Tesco Organisation
• CS Edition of 100 copies. 8 Tracks. Running Time 42:00 - Co-Produced with Total Black 



SANDBLASTING : Dread (2CD 2013)

Inspired by Clive Barker's "Dread". It's an unstoppable voyage into a downward spiral of anguish with no chance of escape, finely honed layers of noise, Distortion and acute feedback supported by extreme tribal technoid rhythms . with the release comes a bonus CD with a series of remixes with Ambassador 21, Asche, Cervello Elettronico, Geistform and Monolith. Limited Box 299 copies 2CD + GADGETS.

GENRE : Industrial/Rhythmic Noise


SIZE : 231 MB


01. Buried Instincts

02. Bigots

03. Dread

04. Warfare

05. Weber's Theory

06. Battle Royale

07. Puppets

08. Brainwashers

09. Pussyman

10. Deus


01. Weber's Theory (Geistform Remix)

02. Brainwashers (Factory Slave Remix By Cervello Elettronico)

03. Dread 1.0 (Remix By Lo Dev Alm)

04. Puppetz (Velvet -Violence- Remix By Asche)

05. Dread (Monolith Remix)

06. Brainwashers (Exorcises My Ass Remix By A034)

07. Bigots (Ambassador21 Remix)

08. Battle Royale (Day After Remix By Criminal Asylum)

09. Battle Royale (Vacuum Remix By Wuornos Aileen)

10. Battle Royale (Ritualcore Treatment Remix By Heyna)

11. Brainwashers (Evil Fury Remix By Infernal Noise)

12. Dread 2.0 (Remix By Lo Dev Alm)

Front Line Assembly @London The Garage

Frontline Assembly: Resist @ Debaser Strand, Stockholm, Sweden

THE EXORCIST TV Series 2016 | Official Trailer

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Wumpscut - Wüterich (Wutbox) (2016)

Wumpscut returns with Wuterich, the dark, seething follow up to BlutSpukerTavern. Layered synths and samples blend with string elements and atmospheric noises to build a sinister mood over the course of the ten tracks. Chock full of Wumpscut’s trademark seething malice, and featuring quite a few little surprises, Wuterich sees Wumpscut sounding fresher than ever.
CD1: Main Album

01. My Leper Kid
02. Unser Kleiner Weltkrieg
03. Dot, Dot, Dot
04. Das Bose Rumburak
05. Russenvieh
06. Hackfleischprinzessin
07. Tunichtgut
08. Warmonger Scheusal
09. Steinoma
10. Armer Jid

CD2: Remix Album
01. Dot, Dot, Dot (Advent Resilience Remix)
02. Das Bose Rumburak (Advent Resilience Remix)
03. Unser Kleiner Weltkrieg (XSRY Remix)
04. Hackfleischprinzessin (Mizerebel Remix)
05. Russenvieh (Advent Resilience Remix)
06. Hackfleischprinzessin (Advent Resilience Main Remix)
07. Dot, Dot, Dot (Gross National Produkt Remix)
08. Armer Jid (Advent Resilience Remix)
09. Tunichtgut (Advent Resilience Remix)
10. Tunichtgut (Adzix Ambient Remix)
11. Das Bose Rumburak (XSRY Remix)
12. My Leper Kid (A7ie Remix)
13. Dot, Dot, Dot (Truemmerwelten Remix)
14. Tunichtgut (Coldnoise & Alexandre Guiraud Remix)
15. Steinoma (Advent Resilience Remix)
16. Hackfleischprinzessin (Advent Resilience Stahl Remix)

Download Remixes (32-256 kbps)
01. Dot, Dot, Dot (Den Skurida Remix)
02. Hackfleischprinzessin (XSRY Remix)
03. Unser Kleiner Weltkrieg (Advent Resilience Alternative Remix)
04. Unser Kleiner Weltkrieg (Advent Resilience SL Remix)




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VA : Resistanz Festival Soundtrack 2016 (2016)

TITLE....... Resistanz Festival Soundtrack 2016
STYLE...... Electro, EBM, Industrial
LABEL...... Digital World Audio
QUALITY..... 320kbps / Joint-Stereo

1. Iszoloscope & Seraphim System - The Sum of Us All (Seraphim System Remix) (3:56)
2. Neuroticfish & Grendel - Agony (Grendel Remix) (5:12)
3. Massiv In Mensch - Aggressive Leader (Resistanz Mix) (5:45)
4. Modulate Sound System - Headbanger (5:16)
5. Neonsol - Lights out Mk. II (5:37)
6. Lab4 - Psychopath (Lab4 Reboot Mix) (6:02)
7. Petrol Bastard - In Two Words (1:45)
8. The Gothsicles - One of the Last Bands Ever to Play Resistanz Festival (We're (3:23)
9. Ivardensphere - Seven Gates (5:25)
10. Terrolokaust - A Masochist's Tale (Resistanz Mix) (5:10)
11. Cyferdyne - The Spaces Between Words (4:30)
12. Randolph & Mortimer - Body (4:21)
13. Basszilla - Basszilla's Bitches (4:30)
14. Organ Donors - Mad As Hell (5:11) 
15. Nitro/Noise - Censorsh!t (Zardonic Dub Remix) (4:59)

Power Noise | Power Electronics | Martial Industrial | Dark Ambient | Industrial Ambient