Sunday, May 29, 2016

Le Moderniste : Desistere Mortem Timere [2016]

ARTIST.... Le Moderniste
TITLE....... Desistere Mortem Timere
STYLE...... Industrial, Rhythmic Noise
LABEL...... Hands Productions
QUALITY..... 320kbps / Joint-Stereo
COUNTRY... Belgium

1. That May Occur (6:15)
2. Tout n'est que neant (6:51)
3. Misericorde (3:54)
4. Ritual I - Carnis (4:08)
5. La beaute nait dans la mort (7:26)
6. De Meo Interitu (6:38)
7. Ritual II - Viscus (4:07)
8. Sombre dessein (4:27)
9. Filth Cleans the Blind (6:13)
10. Ritual III - Parabola (4:56)
11. Liber Diaboli (6:40)
12. Pestis (6:10)
13. Ritual IV - Animus (5:28)

 “Stop fearing death” - Belgium producer Laurent Delogne will surprise many listeners with his radical reinvention of Le Moderniste’s style on the mysteriously titled “Desistere Mortem Timere”: The tough industrial rhythms are reduced to putrefied debris, instead this is almost classical death industrial, a marriage of pitch black ambience with the aggression of power electronics – albeit in a contemporary production, thus providing an intense listening experience, and real hellride through the evils that men do. Following the rhythmic impact of his 2013 HANDS release “Too Rough Is Never Enough“, Le Moderniste dives deep into the darkness with this follow-up. Starting with crackle and hiss, “Desistere Mortem Timere” fathoms the realms of death industrial, with throbbing bass structures, desolate ambience and walls of distortion. Nevertheless, it’s primarily the blackness of the bottomless pit impregnating the entire 74 minutes of “Desistere Mortem Timere”, an expression of tortured souls, and one of the most uncompromisingly sinister releases on HANDS for a while



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