Sunday, May 29, 2016

Iszoloscope : False Vacuum [2016]

Artist:    Iszoloscope
Title of Album:    False Vacuum
Genre:    Industrial, Rhythmic Noise
Year of Release:    2016

Country: Canada

01    Awe Gratitude Rapture    
02    Chronophage    
03    Spectral Inverter    
04    Experimenting With Truth (Solve)   
05    Faint Negative Charge   
06    Vacuum Metastability   
07    Relevance Outside Logic    
08    Absolute And Eternal Moral Nighttime   
09    Experimenting With Truth (Coagula)

Since the beginning, a distinguishing feature of Iszoloscope has been the addition of intelligent and unexpected details to the basic ingredients that industrial music is known for. For the seventh album False Vacuum, Yann Faussurier raises the bar in a most astounding way.

 Within these nine tracks Iszoloscope is establishing ties between a myriad of different styles ranging from solemn orchestral constructs and rich dark ambient soundscapes to sequenced hard-hitting technoid industrial rhythms and fast remorseless drum and bass beat structures. Mighty pulsating sub basses and loony melodic curls, hypnotic percussion and carefully placed bursts of electronics evoke highly energetic atmospheres of power and tension that resonate inside the listener's mind.

 Accompanied by many personal changes it took Iszolocsope nearly four years to complete this opus, and after taking a deep view everyone will agree it was worth waiting for.


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