Sunday, May 29, 2016

Wieloryb : Semantik [2016]

ARTIST.... Wieloryb
TITLE....... Semantik
STYLE...... Industrial, Rhythmic Noise
LABEL...... Hands Productions
QUALITY..... 320 kbps/Joint-Stereo
COUNTRY... Poland

 1. Semantik (5:07)
2. Statistik (3:19)
3. Solar Sides (5:39)
4. Crash Report (Dance Mix) (7:40)
5. Behi Jessir (44 Second Long Remix) (11:52)
6. Sensis (4:35)
7. Umbro (3:22)
8. Symbiotik (4:12)
9. Symantik (4:33)
10. Mona Liza 3.0 (3:33)
11. Organ (4:17)
12. Syntetik (4:54)
13. Seretik (5:00)
14. Newo (Wieloryb vs. Selektronik) (4:40)

 Things have evolved somewhat in the Wieloryb camp.  With a cleaner production to some of his work, the tell-tale crunches of his frantic beat-play now have the desired kick and punch that was needed to carry his drones and tone work (for the most part).

Occasionally though there is a kicking up of dirt and grime where necessary; and this works well within the dark dance elements that ride ‘Solar Sides’ and ‘Crash Report’; although the latter could do with a bit of cleaning up and on more than one occasion his production levels drop a little too much on the other standard distorted beat tracks.

Aside from this, there is more than enough intrigue on the album to make it concise as a whole. ‘Semantik’ covers a lot of ground and varies the old school Industrial sounds enough to break the repetition, bringing the styles in cycles that play out in stages along the way.

Once again however, Wieloryb are another act that are not evolving enough to send shivers down my spine.  I enjoyed previous affairs, respecting the genre with which they were designed for and basing my reviews on that scene alone.  As the years go by though, we all deserve a little more to part with our hard earned cash for; and whilst this is once again a steady and solid romp with the odd welcome spark of something new, the scene itself is leaving the generic beat behind and looking for more experimentation.


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