Friday, May 20, 2016

SANDBLASTING : Dread (2CD 2013)

Inspired by Clive Barker's "Dread". It's an unstoppable voyage into a downward spiral of anguish with no chance of escape, finely honed layers of noise, Distortion and acute feedback supported by extreme tribal technoid rhythms . with the release comes a bonus CD with a series of remixes with Ambassador 21, Asche, Cervello Elettronico, Geistform and Monolith. Limited Box 299 copies 2CD + GADGETS.

GENRE : Industrial/Rhythmic Noise


SIZE : 231 MB


01. Buried Instincts

02. Bigots

03. Dread

04. Warfare

05. Weber's Theory

06. Battle Royale

07. Puppets

08. Brainwashers

09. Pussyman

10. Deus


01. Weber's Theory (Geistform Remix)

02. Brainwashers (Factory Slave Remix By Cervello Elettronico)

03. Dread 1.0 (Remix By Lo Dev Alm)

04. Puppetz (Velvet -Violence- Remix By Asche)

05. Dread (Monolith Remix)

06. Brainwashers (Exorcises My Ass Remix By A034)

07. Bigots (Ambassador21 Remix)

08. Battle Royale (Day After Remix By Criminal Asylum)

09. Battle Royale (Vacuum Remix By Wuornos Aileen)

10. Battle Royale (Ritualcore Treatment Remix By Heyna)

11. Brainwashers (Evil Fury Remix By Infernal Noise)

12. Dread 2.0 (Remix By Lo Dev Alm)

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