Sunday, May 29, 2016

Morbus M. : Fight Or Die [2016]

 ARTIST.... Morbus M.
TITLE....... Fight Or Die
STYLE...... Rhythmic Noise, IDM, Industrial
LABEL...... Hands Productions
QUALITY..... 320kbps / Joint-Stereo
COUNTRY... Germany

01. Burning Mind - 5:14
02. NBK - 5:27
03. 5000 - 4:34
04. Calling Down - 5:24
05. Fight Or Die - 5:07
06. What You See - 4:50
07. Inside Out - 5:18
08. Deep Line - 6:09
09. System Of Silence - 4:57
10. Sad About - 4:55
11. Deep Line (Deeper Rmx By the_empath) - 6:57
12. Took A Picture - 4:57
13. The Day After - 4:31

 It’s taken a full six years for Rene Klimaczewski to complete and release this, his second album.  Comprising of thirteen tracks, one of which is a remix by The Empath (one half of label mates Trackologists); we have web of cinematic dystopian pads, with crunchy distorted beats and vocal sampling from various sources.

Rather than rely on evocative harmonies, Morbus M hit from a slightly more obscure off-key angle, with tracks such as ‘5000’, sounding more in touch with long gone artists such as the immense GGFH.

Occasionally dipping his toe into Powernoise is something this artist would actually benefit from avoiding, as this is one of his weaker traits (as on the generic ‘Calling Down). Where Klimaczewski excels is when he turns his attention to atmosphere and brooding electronic bass lines; and luckily there is more than enough of this on display throughout this release.

With the odd flutter of Trip-Hop tempered with an overdriven squelch in key areas, this allows for a patter of electronica to seep in and bring a touch of modernity to the proceedings (coming off a touch ‘Fade to Grey’ in the background of ‘Sad About).

‘Fight or Die’ is a story of contrasting styles; and a lot of the album slots in well with the title, with this mix of genres leading to a release that is at war with itself.  With respect though, when the tracks are in full flow, there is a lot on this latest opus to smile about, regardless of the warring factions that simply won’t meld; and with a simple ironing out, this could lead to something special in the future.


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