Monday, February 28, 2011

Stratvm Terror : Genetic Implosion [2000]

The most powerful thing in Stratvm Terror is the realization that underneath the bile and violence that you encounter when listening to the mutated sounds of Genetic Implosion, there is a constant, even if low, level of delicate aesthetics throughout the album, meaning that deep underneath the wild, toxic winds, Genetic Implosion has many virtues that the future albums (let me remind as well that this album is from 2000) that Raison D'etre will release.

01 Uranium
02 Loco Penis
03 Static Systematic Cloning
04 Cox
05 Genital Remove
06 Bleeding
07 Worms
08 Vein Destruction
09 Swelter Destruction
10 Gore
Tracks 8, 9, & 10 recorded live at M/S Stubnitz, June the 20th 1998 at the Nursery Festival in Stockholm, Sweden.

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